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You can think that you don’t need perfect writing skills for such a subject as biology. Sad to say, but you’re wrong. Written works are more often used in natural sciences to assess your knowledge. Guess it’s no surprise. Writing a biology research paper promotes improving critical faculty, helps to expand your knowledge and share it with others.

Asking students to make a paper for the biology class, the teacher wants to teach them to work with data: to collect material on the topic, arrange it, highlight the main things, logically state the essence of the subject, etc.

So the skill to write is critical. Think about whether the academic community takes seriously a lousy work with tons of mistakes of some expert? We think this is pretty obvious. That is why you begin to complete such tasks in high school. But the question remains: where to begin the essay? Let’s deal with this step by step.

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How to write a biology essay to succeed: expert opinion

To write a good biology essay, you first need to get to know what kind of work it is. This is usually a small study (2 to 4 pages). Its goal is to present a research question in an up-to-date topic in a new light. And, of course, it must meet certain standards.

Select a research question

A research question that you pick up for your paper must be trending. Be sure to take into account your target readers. Also, keep in mind the value of your topic and how it is revealed in science. Take a look at new studies in this field as well as published works of leading experts.

Write a final draft

We advise you as soon as you’ve got the task and found the topic to sketch your thoughts, facts, and arguments to them in the form of short points. This will allow you not to forget the main ideas while writing a final copy.

Review and revise the final draft

Be sure to check your work for errors! Even when it seems to you that everything is fine and you did it right, when you re-check your paper, you can find some defects and typos. Sad to say, but such errors due to lack of attention can affect your score.

You can ask some people for help, your friend, say, or your roomie. The second check from someone else helps to find out those errors that you’ve missed – for example, in reasoning.

Biology essay outline and format

A biology paper requires a certain format. If you don’t adhere to a clear scheme, this will badly affect your score (or the teacher won’t accept your paper at all). An essay is a creative work that allows you to digest a certain problem and express your thoughts on paper. The readability of the text, understanding culture and data sensing depends on the design of any written work. Thus, you need to pay enough attention not only to the content but also to the proper design of the paper. Let’s take a closer look at the proper biology essay structure.

Cover page

This is the first page of the work, which precedes its content. Here you should reflect the topic and point out not only your name but the name of the teacher as well as the name of your college.

Rules for the design of title pages may vary, so you need to be very careful.


You can start to write a biology essay as you see fit but, at the same time, try to adhere to the basic rules. To appeal to the readers, you need to attract their attention to the first lines of your introduction, for instance with catching phrases or little-known facts that relate to your topic.

Your next step in writing this work will be to pose the correct question, to which you’ll answer.


The body is the main part of your paper. It demands the most attention when making a plan. It may have a different structure, but as a rule, it consists of a few sections. Here you have to fix your ideas, then prove the theory and give facts.

Try to support one thought by two proofs. One may seem shabby to the reader, and three of them will overload the text.


In conclusion, as a rule, you sum up all the data and results that were noted in the essay. The results shouldn’t be baseless and shouldn’t arise “out of nowhere”. Mention only what the reader should come to from the main part of your work.

List of citations

It’s best to use reliable sources: monographs, academic paper, etc. Keep in mind that there should not be plagiarism in your work – only your ideas.

Write the list of works cited on the last page in alphabetical order.

How to pick a topic for a biology essay

A well-chosen topic is half the success. It’s better to choose the field of biology class, in which you’re well versed – for example, botany. Of course, this is much easy to do when you have ready-made topics that the teacher picked up. But don’t worry if you have to choose it yourself. We offer you a list of biology essay topics that you can use for your work. Check them out!

  • Biological features of animal migration
  • Human diseases: hereditary factors
  • The process of cell structure and cell division
  • Gene engineering and its main issues
  • Features of the regeneration process
  • Anthropogenesis: essence and features
  • Enzymes: functions and determination of their activity
  • Features of sexual and asexual reproduction
  • The essence of cloning
  • Evolution and natural selection of living organisms
  • Origin of life on earth
  • The interaction of nature and society
  • Biological eras and their characteristics
  • Vitamins: types and their role in the human body
  • Characterization of DNA biosynthesis
  • Development and manufacture of transgenic products
  • Unlimited possibilities of the human brain
  • The aging process
  • Photosynthesis is a unique phenomenon of nature
  • The specifics of immunity
  • Rare and endangered species of birds
  • The biological significance of mitosis and meiosis
  • New methods of animal tissue culture
  • Modern biotechnology
  • Types of soil bacteria
  • The use of microorganisms in medicine
  • Proteins: chemical composition, properties, and significance for the human body
  • Basic theories of human origin
  • Animal life in the Mariana Trench
  • Creating cell life forms

Of course, this is not a full list of good topics. You don’t have to choose one of them. You can get inspired and come up with your ideas.

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