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Writing an evaluation essay can often catch you out. Where to start, how to write, what sources to use... A million questions to ask! The thoughts keep bouncing, hands are shaking, and you’re haunted by the fear of failure. Sound familiar? Most likely the answer is yes if you’ve come to this page. Well, there’s no need to panic. We’ll try to straighten all things out here. You’ll be convinced that to write an evaluation essay is not as scary as you thought. Let’s dwell a bit on this.

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Definition: what is an evaluation essay

An evaluation paper offers value judgments about a certain subject in respect of a set of standards. This is a type of argument that provides evidence to justify the author’s view of the subject. Any review is, in fact, one of the examples of evaluation essays. This task demands critical thinking skills in analysis and summing up.

Before you start to write an evaluation essay for biology class or any other subject, you should find out about its features, rules, and demands. The article provides good tips on how to get a high score for your work.

In fact, why do they give you such a hard task? The answer is simple. This kind of task promotes the student’s point of view. It also teaches you to run with your own opinion and value judgment about a certain thing or event. It not only tests your knowledge but also the skill to arrange data, present results in a free form, and understand the matter of events and facts. Let’s keep going.

How to write an evaluation essay to succeed: expert opinion

You’ll need to adhere to a certain structure. Let’s take a closer look at the steps of work. Such a scheme will help to prepare a great evaluation paper, without skipping main points at the same time.

Choose your topic

If your teacher hasn’t given you possible evaluation essay topics, you can come up with your own. For many, this may be the first sticking point. You may just run out of ideas of what to speak about. Don’t worry, it’s ok! We offer you some options that you can use. Or maybe they’ll give you your idea for a topic. Check them out:

  • The impact of the mass media on our lives;
  • The last war film you watched and how it reflects real events;
  • Advantages and disadvantages of battery-powered cars;
  • The need for tech in today’s world;
  • Ecological impact of animal husbandry;
  • The value of the Internet for education;
  • The need for space exploration.

The list can be very long. The thing is to choose a theme in which you’re well versed. Then the task won’t be a problem for you.

Develop your thesis statement

This is a key component of your evaluative paper. This is a clearly stated thought and correctly formed thought, which consists of one sentence. This statement should be further argued. A good thesis is half the success. Understand what you write, what tools you will use, how important and new it is, as well as, what the research is for. Then the picture will become clearer for you and will look well-founded in the reader’s eyes. Thus, it’s a statement on which the entire system of the argument rests. Simply put, this is the base on which you’ll lay bricks.

For instance, take the topic "Art and Craft". We set the thesis of this work as follows: “There are thousands of artisans, and there are units of creators”. Our stating isn’t certain and undoubted. Perhaps a teacher will want to know on what basis you made such a conclusion. Thus, it should be affirmed by proof.

Look for supporting evidence to prove your point of view

So, the proofs are the very bricks from which our “house” will be built. This part involves the arguments and analysis, as well as their justification, based on proven data, other arguments and views on this issue. This is the main content and this is the main issue.

For our evaluation essay sample, these can be the following arguments:

  • Craft can be learned, but a creator must be born.
  • As a rule, the craft is mastered to earn money, but they are engaged in art for a labor of love.
  • The craft which throws your heart into becomes an art. Art that has lost its aspiration for heaven is called craft.

Arrange them in the following order: "very convincing - fairly convincing - most convincing".

Keep in mind that one paragraph should contain only one stating and the corresponding evidence. By the way, you can support it by graphic and viewing material if needed. Therefore, it’s necessary to be limited to considering one main idea within a section.

A well-tested (and most often necessary) way to write an essay is to use sections to note the key points of a reasoned paper. This helps to look at what is supposed to be done (and answer the question of whether the idea is good). Such an approach will help to follow a well-defined goal in this research. The effective use of subheadings is not only a definition of the main points that need to be stressed. They may also outline the logic in the coverage of the subject matter.

Supporting evidence is a set of logical techniques for the truth proof using other true and related judgments. In other words, it’s reasoning that uses facts, detailed evaluation, scientific evidence, and convinces us of the truth of what is being said.

Where can you get the arguments?

  • media reports
  • materials of college subjects
  • films
  • books (scientific, journalistic, fiction,)
  • statistics data
  • own notices
  • history

Make a draft your essay

Many students think it’s a waste of time. However, the draft is a very important part of the evaluation essay writing.

Here is an effective way to get started. Divide the paper into two columns. Write down the topic in the first, and words, phrases, associations, quotes in the second. All that arises in your mind is your working material.

When making a draft, your main task is to develop arguments, “polish” the main thoughts and arrange them in a strict sequence. Leave your original version for a day or two. Then return to the work of verification and improvement, with a fresh mind.

Re-read carefully your written work. Revise it and rewrite those moments that you consider half-baked.

A Closer Look at Criteria, Judgements & Evidence

These three things are the core of your paper. Let’s look at each of them in detail.


The criteria that you pick up must set out the flawlessness of the goods, activities, or firm, etc. you value. Establish the criteria to show the perfect model of what to expect. You should come up with the best available variation of the same thing as you’re considering. What are their ideal features? For a sushi bar, say, such features include professional service, tasty dishes, a clean room, cozy atmosphere. You can apply these points to esteem any other sushi bar.


This issue implies whether the thing under consideration meets your key deliverables. If we’re talking about a sushi bar, you should begin with judging if the bar fulfills a requirement of professional service. Does it satisfy your expectations? Analyze each criterion in the same way. It is better to make a separate section for each.


Keep in mind that you need to bring evidence to defend the judgments. Concerning the sushi bar, if you decide that the level of service doesn’t satisfy your expectations, you need to present proofs to vindicate your decision.

Tips to write an evaluation essay

There are some universal tips to help you create a great critical evaluation essay.

Try your best to:

  • Pick up good evaluation essay topics, taking into account the readers. The same subject can be perceived differently.
  • Find out that all your criteria are supported by evidence. With the help of proofs, your work will look more serious and convincing. Keep in mind that the arguments must be balanced: you cannot give one proof for one criterion, and not prove another.
  • Follow common standards in the context of the selected theme. Apply them to delimit your personal opinion and data for the essay.
  • Make sure you stick to grammar and punctuation rules. Be sure to correct all errors if any.

Try not to:

  • Neglect the thesis statement. Its absence can make it hard to understand what your work is about.
  • Use informal words.
  • Provide vague claims and evidence. Also, avoid banal and obvious statements.
  • Pick up topics for evaluation essays that are too popular. Most likely, you won’t say anything new in this case.
  • Provide only positive or vice versa negative estimates. For instance, speaking about the sushi bar, you can say that it offers tasty dishes and top class service, but the atmosphere isn’t cozy enough and something like that.

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Get perfectly-written the hardest college homework. Meet all your homework deadlines with the help of our expert writers.
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