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A capstone project is a quite responsible task and presents your skills in the exact field. It also serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience. As a result, your main aim is to demonstrate all your professional abilities. So be sure you can improve your knowledge and skills in writing texts, working in a team for the long term, etc. Get more information about such a task and think about professional assistance to get the best paper.

Definition: what is a capstone paper

A capstone project is one of the academic papers in which students write to summarize own skills and knowledge in exact discipline for the curse. Different degree programs require students to complete a capstone project. Usually, it is a final task for university and college students, but you may also create it having an academic level high school. This kind of paper is generally used and can be done in any discipline, such as business, engineering, IT, liberal arts, etc.

The form of a capstone course is also variable. You may make it as research papers, case studies, surveys, and so on. Such and other requirements are usually placed in task assignment by your professor.

How to write a capstone paper: step by step

Writing a capstone project is a long process that takes months. You need to prepare for it and have enough patience to finish the presentation with the portfolio before the deadline. So, here is the approximate guide for you.

Think of the topic

Try to consider the best topic right after you find out your capstone projects. There would be a lot of time to seek for interesting ideas in books, journals, during classes, and even in everyday life. You need to make notes of everything that may be useful for your future capstone experience. Note, that the chosen topic of your capstone project should be connected to the future specialization, so it means a lot for a student.

Experts in writing advise students to focus on those topics they are interested in. It will allow you using own interest as an engine of creative thinking and motivation. Besides, if the topic is so meaningful for you, then you will know about it more than anyone else. Remember, that your capstone project should present your skills and knowledge which you have achieved during the course in the real world.

For instance, students in marketing may create a content plan for the future blog with detailed explanations of each element. Also, they may add promotional methods, a portrait of the targeted audience, and other particularities of their business plan. So, choose a topic with responsibility.

Create a capstone project proposal

You still can't start your writing, because you didn't make a capstone proposal. It is the main idea of your paper which starts the research and means the main statements of it. Remember, that you need to share your project proposal with your tutor to adjust your work.

To write a capstone paper idea use the following points:

  • write down the full title of your capstone project and explain its importance like in informative essay outline;
  • share the background of the topic and your personal experience with it;
  • note where you are going to find relevant materials for your paper;
  • explain tasks and particularities of the research you are going to hold;
  • add your main tasks and aims with your capstone project according to the graduate program.

This is a traditional proposal. In case you need to write an extended version, you will also share the primary and secondary sources for your research, develop a methodology, etc. With your proposal, you need to convince your professor you are interested in the topic and able to create a great project.

Gather information

University or high school students need to choose good sources to collect relevant information and philosophical questions for the project. Divide all sources into categories and highlight the main ideas. Besides traditional books in libraries and on the Web, don't forget to check your notes in your textbooks. Such information will be a great base for your writing and include the list of recommended literature.

Don't forget to create a special file on a computer or write down in a notebook all the references and bibliography. It would be very useful for the last stages of writing a capstone project when you need to create the reference list.

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Come up with a structure

There are no strict rules for the structure of your capstone project. It may vary, but make sure to use clear subtitles and text sections. Such an approach will help to present your paper in a logic and professional manner. This is an example of traditional capstone project structure:

  • title page;
  • introduction;
  • short literature description;
  • main methods for holding research;
  • findings and discussion;
  • conclusion and your recommendations;
  • reference list according to your writing style.

Make a timetable

Efficient time management is key to success with your capstone project. Use all your time-planning skills to prepare a perfect paper in time. You can create a calendar with tasks and terms or use special software to control own writing activity. Also, it is okay to correct your schedule. Just remember, that you need to finish your capstone project before the deadline. If you can't do it, then ask paper writers for academic assignment writing service.

Get to the writing

Write your thesis statements and keep the proper structure of your capstone project. The length of the text is determined by the task assignment. That's why all experts in writing papers insist the author must start with the detailed acquaintance with all requirements. Missing even one rule can cause trouble, so be attentive and responsible for this step.

If you read several informative essay examples or success capstone projects, you will note the average number of pages. Traditionally the length of this paper is 40 and more pages. It sounds a lot, but usually, students have much time on writing. If you don't postpone your task and use time management tips, then the paper will be done before the deadline. Don't forget to proofread the text. Make sure you edit all weak sentences and mistakes.

Prepare for the defense

The capstone project means writing the paper, making a special presentation and making a defense. The presentation is not an obligation, but it will be useful for your project defense. Yes, the capstone project is not a classic essay that you can send your professor by email. It requires you to defend it out loud to an audience. The presentation shows the student's ability to speak before a large audience. So the author needs to be good at public speaking and improve own skills in expressing ideas.

Besides the paper and its presentation, be sure to make the relevant portfolio of your job. It will be a great addition to your text and demonstrate real skills in your topic. Add more different materials to help the audience appreciate your efforts. Just try to use relevant data for your portfolio, which will improve your presentation, but not distract the audience's attention from the core of information.

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