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A profile essay sounds quite difficult to write, and it is not a misunderstanding. Such a task may become a big challenge for the student, especially if he writes this paper for the first time in his education life. That's why professional help in writing a profile essay will be great for you. No matter you need only a consultation or a full-assistance, but the experienced writer will give only benefits.

Our team of writers works on the title page, reference list, the main paragraphs, and helps customers to get their best in academic meaning. We can make profile essays, capstone projects, research papers, high school essay, and even effect essay topics. Be sure, we are always here for you to solve your writing issues and make any kind of your task assignment!

Definition: what is a profile essay

The personal profile essay is a kind of paper that describes an event, person, place, or anything else in detail. As a result of such work usually requires the author to interview the exact subject. Such a task is usually used to educate young journalists. That's why it may cause a lot of problems for a student with no positive writing experience.

To write a profile essay means to answer all direct and issue-related questions about your subject. It means to give readers the full description of the theme. The final paper must be exciting and useful for the target audience. That's why you can't start making your text without proper profile essay writing guide.

To make the process easier and with the guaranty of success, the author requires real help. Get enough information about profile essay, including its structure, length, particularities, unique tips, etc. With such an approach you will get more benefits than without this guide.

How to write a profile essay to succeed: step by step

So, first of all, you need to prepare for academic writing a profile essay. The quality of your preparation stage has a direct influence on the quality of your paper. It's better to spend some time reading and collecting information, so you can be keen on such kind of academic paper. You need to use these devices for proper preparation:

1. Read templates and examples of profile essays

These examples are real papers which were written before, so you can rely on them. But be attentive and use only successful profile essays which had brought their authors the highest grades. Trust only authorial resources or professional writers who will advise you the best options.

You should pay more attention to examples of other profile essays with successful results. With such help, you will be able to create good texts without assistance and get a desirable mark.

2. Define your subject

Your subject is the foundation of the profile essay. It forms the topic and thesis statements, which will be investigated in the text and cause exact conclusions. Sometimes students have the freedom to choose the subject or topic they like. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills in analyzing. Here is some advice for you:

  • if you need to hold an interview, try to choose an available subject;
  • discover the latest researches and issues about your subject beforehand;
  • avoid information that may harm the reputation of your subject (like yellow papers do with celebrities);
  • respect your subject no matter its status and experience, consider it as a thing for analyzing, but not judging;
  • prefer only factual information which is submitted by evidence;
  • make researches to know more about your subject;
  • study writing your profile essay process and additional tips in academic papers.

But also, it could be a situation, when your professor gives you the list of possible topics, so you only have to divide them among all classmates.

3. Prepare for the interview

If you faced with the need to conduct interviews, you should follow this how-to:

  • choose a person to communicate with;
  • create the list of relevant questions;
  • make sure your list includes more open-ended questions to get extended answers;
  • plan proper time for your interview;
  • hold the interview and note all the answers.

Always choose the distraction-free zone for your interview. It would be better for you and your subject.

Writing the essay

If you understand what a profile essay means, you can start writing. Also, choose the proper style. Yes, this paper belongs to the academic field, but it's quite flexible. Usually, the first-person writing is in demand because of its sense for readers.

Editing and finalizing the essay

This is the common stage for all types of essays. You need to take the independent position and edit the weak places in your text. Make sure, that you didn't miss any mistake or misprint. Use special services or help of a professional editor to improve your text.

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The structure of a profile essay

After you finish with the preparation for your paper, you need to make your content systematized and structured. In any case, the good profile essay outline will be traditional and include the following sections:

Introduction paragraph

This is quite a small part of the whole essay, but it means a lot. Your several sentences will be a reflection of the task and present its aims to the target audience. Besides, the right phrases in the introduction are so powerful, that they even can increase or decrease the level of the audience's attention.

Start the introduction paragraph with proven evidence and support arguments with short descriptions Usually profile essay means using a short story or a part of conversion between people. Create the thesis statement in the last sentence of your introduction.

The body of the essay

You should describe your points from the introduction here. Your thesis statements will be exposed in this big part of the personality profile essay. Usually, one point means one paragraph, but it is okay to arrange them.

In most cases, essay writers start their bodies with a description of the historical background of their subjects. Then they always add there current information with modern evidence and facts. Never try to increase the length of your profile essay with the help of irrelevant details. Such an approach causes the opposite reactions: your target audience would likely lose interest because of boring information.

Conclusion and findings

This part includes all the points you have mentioned before, but in a brief manner. Its task is to wrap up all facts and share final thoughts with your audience. You need to write your points with a short description, stay focused on your topic and keep the balance with length.

So the author should do his best to make readers satisfied. To reach this goal try to put yourself in your target audience's shoes and share only valuable information while writing your profile paper. Also remember, that conclusion is not a place to add any new facts, it means only the summary of previously mentioned facts.

Profile essay outline

Don't consider the outline to be an unnecessary step in profile essay writing. It takes time but gives you a comprehensive draft for logic writing. Here is a great outline to follow:

  • 1-2 hook sentences to make the audience exciting and add your thesis;
  • the first body paragraph with one point to explain;
  • the second body part with new supporting point;
  • the third body section with next point to discuss;
  • the conclusion with a summary of your main ideas.

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