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Sometimes the definition of a reaction may cause problems for students. So the process of writing may be impossible for him or her. It is okay because among hundreds of college tasks you can't be a winner each time. Try to find a good guide for making such a task and keep all recommendations.

But sometimes even examples of reaction paper writing can't help. So the only and the most reliable option in such situations is to trust your task to professional academic paper writing services. In any case, find out more information about the reaction paper for college or university.

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Definition: what is a reaction paper

The reaction essay is an academic task that means a personal reaction of the writer on common topics. Besides the exact topic, it could be your response to another article, book, subject, event, etc. That's why the second name of such a task is 'response essay'. To write a response paper successfully you require to express your opinion by providing a critique analysis of the source.

The main aim of the response or reaction essay is to demonstrate own position and explain its origin. The author starts by describing the background of the topic, then adds personal opinions and makes the summary. Your text should begin with the general information about the topic and include key points of your paper, like introduction, body, and conclusions.

How to write a reaction paper to succeed: expert opinion

This task requires from author to be able to analyze and evaluate materials, organize your reactions into the academic paper with logic structure. That's why grab all your writing skills and efforts to write a reaction paper outline. Here is the step-by-step guide to the writing process of your task. Use it as the main plan, but also remember about requirements from task assignment.

Preparing for writing an essay:

  • understand the purpose of a reaction paper. Make sure you see the key elements and purpose of a reaction. Let's imagine you need to write a response to someone else's article. You can't only share your opinion and finish your text. It must respond to the main ideas of your topic, analyze the author's position, agree or disagree with thesis statements, and so on;
  • figure out your task. If you have previously worked with evaluation essay topics and other academic tasks, you know that important details always hide in your assignment. So, pay attention to this document before you start writing a reaction paper. Sometimes you need to analyze and evaluate your reading, in other cases, you should create a personal response;
  • read the text. Give yourself time to read primary sources you need to respond to. Don't hurry up, because you need to make a close reading of the text and be able to understand each author's point of view. If you need to read the text for the second and third time – do it. Only after the full understanding of the text, you can start a reaction paper;
  • write down your initial reactions. It's better to make notes during reading the text. To make complete sentences try to use word combinations with the first person. For instance, 'I think', 'I consider', 'it seems like', etc. Annotate and question the text, so you can easily find the proper list of citations.

Drafting your reaction essay:

  • start with free writing of own reactions according to main parts of the original text;
  • choose own position according to the author's arguments and beliefs;
  • create thesis statements and write own relevant arguments;
  • organize your text and avoid common mistakes in the paper structure;
  • gather quotations with publisher and publication date and other information for the future reference list.

Writing the final draft of reaction paper:

  • write your introduction, body, and conclusions according to online writing assignments;
  • proofread the text to make sure you have edited mistakes and complicated sentences;
  • explain the value of the text to the author, society, and yourself.

The essay writer should also control time to finish paper in time. Make sure to check your response essay according to all requirements in your task assignment. Remember, that everything is important: from evidence to support in reaction essay to number of pages and size of the text.

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