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The result (and the score!) of every student task depends on many factors. One such factor is the academic subject. The features of each subject greatly affect a student and the success of paper as well. Students often have difficulty when they have to do research to write an ethics paper. No wonder, because ethical theories and issues are quite complex. Let’s see where is the complexity and check out the ethics essay writing tips.

Definition: what is an ethics essay

First of all, ethics means a kind of intangible thing, which is even hard to describe. One can only realize it. This concept is wide. It includes basic ethical norms and ethical standards that every person should try to follow; business ethics which examines the moral principles or ethical issues that may arise in a business environment; personal ethics which means personal beliefs and values. This discipline may even consider such a moral aspect as the line between good and evil. So, as you can see, this subject offers much scope for research. The thing is, different people may not have the same points of view about ethics and morals. What you consider strange and unacceptable may be normal for your friend. The ethical issue enters into all spheres of society. This makes ethics an extremely difficult subject. Each aspect is essential. We’ll try to cast light on these aspects and explain to you how to write the ethics paper.

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How to write an ethics essay to succeed: expert opinion

The key factor for making a great ethics essay is fluency in the subject. After all, you’ll have to express your point of view, reason, and conclude. Here you can be as subjective as you want. You have no task to cover the whole picture. You don’t claim the last word. These are just your thoughts on a certain topic.

Getting starting

Here the originality of your thinking comes to the fore instead of facts. You don’t need to surf the Internet in search of ideas and news hook. This is rather just a thought that you catch and decide to reason. In such an essay, you can show your mental power and emotions. This is an option to reveal all your skills because you’re not limited to a specific style. You can use any expression and all the colors of the language.

Make sure that you understand the assignment

Before you start working, make sure you know all the requirements. If some things remain unclear for you, you’d better ask your teacher about them right away. Define the main goal of the work and what result you plan to get. Also, set a deadline for this task.

Choose a topic for your ethics paper

If the teacher didn’t give you a list of ethics essay topics or a certain topic, most likely you’ll have to come up with your ideas. Try to choose a topic that you’re interested in and which you’re good at.

Here are some examples:

  1. Moral norms and politics
  2. Moral norms and religion
  3. Does mass media have an impact on moral code?
  4. Moral ideal and its relation to reality
  5. Moral freedom and moral responsibility
  6. The meaning of life as a main ethical issue
  7. Professional ethics: types and social role
  8. Happiness is a moral aspect
  9. Is abortion murder or is it an affordable way to control birth?
  10. The death penalty as the highest degree of punishment
  11. How do mass media reinforce national stereotypes?
  12. How does the ethical code affect a person’s identity?
  13. What are the ways to promote ethical principles among teens?
  14. How can we avoid racist conflicts?
  15. Ethical aspects of cloning
  16. Is animal testing a least-evil solution or cruelty?
  17. Moral and ethical issues in medicine
  18. Should euthanasia be allowed?
  19. Surrogacy from the ethical point of view
  20. Ethical behavior in social media

Narrow down your topic

After you have picked up a topic, you need to specify it. Thus, if you take the topic of surrogacy, disclose it from a certain point of view – for example, why adoption is better than surrogacy. This will allow you not to go into unnecessary detail.

Outline the relevant issues to your topic

Define which facts, examples, and evidence you’ll use to support your point of view in the essay. In our example, you can say that surrogacy injures a woman carrying a child and uses her as an incubator.

Developing your thesis statement

The thesis statement is the main thought, which you’ll develop in the essay. Try to express it as clearly as you can. There should be no double meaning. In other words, you need to take a certain position in your paper. For example: “Surrogacy is a huge achievement in modern medicine”. Or vice versa, “from nature, this is an unnatural process”. It all depends on your position.

Conducting research

Be sure to find reliable sources for your research. For your essay to be serious and reasoned, you need to pick up cogent proofs. Keep in mind that your work must be unique. Avoid plagiarism. Even if you borrow ideas, try to rephrase them.

Tips to write an ethics essay

Take a look at essay writing tips to help you get A+.

  • Make a detailed plan for your paper. The more points you note, the easier it will be for you to write the main part of the work.
  • Avoid informal language. This can greatly affect the credibility of your paper.
  • Follow a certain structure and divide the text into sections. One section is best for one argument. This will make your essay easier to read.
  • Make a draft and double-check your paper. So you can avoid mistakes and typos.
  • Before checking the final version of the work, take a break. If you’re tired you can miss things that need to be corrected.
  • Don’t forget about a good conclusion. It must sum up everything you said in the essay.

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