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An argumentative essay means a paper with the exact position on the exact topic. It should contain at least several arguments or even facts to support your point of view. Students often get such a task because it demonstrates their ability to sorting, analyzing, and operating with tons of information. Such work has several similarities with other assignments, for instance, if you need homework help persuasive essay. Of course, it can't be easy, according to numerous particularities.

If you don't know how to start your argumentative paper, you need to choose one of several options. For instance, it could be an enticing hook, an interesting fact, the topic background, own opinion about the situation, etc. After making a proper introduction, the author should follow the plan and make good thesis statements.

Here are 3 the best variants for your paper:

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  • Q&A format. It means that you ask questions and give answers in your paper. Use only open questions, so you can give a full description. For instance, place the question 'What is feminism?' and then explain this definition;
  • The plan. Add more and more facts in each sentence incrementally. Such an approach will create an encouraging and exciting main part for your argumentative essay;
  • Refuse exact ideas. It means that at the beginning of your thesis statement, you place a wrong fact and explain its mistake. This type of sentences looks very strong and unbreakable.

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Which Argumentative Essay Topics Do You Cover?

The author is free to choose from a great range of topics. And the reason is simple: the format of argumentative paper has no limit for writers. You can debate on anything with such essay from a favorite movie to Stephen Hawking theory. Besides, such type of academic paper allows choosing the argument side or leave it to readers. So whatever you are going to discuss it may be successful.

How to find the best ideas for an argumentative essay? Frankly speaking, there are a lot of sources for inspiration. You may read newspapers, journals, books, listen to music, watching movies or TV-shows, etc. Great topics can also appear when you talk to your friends or even stranger on the street.

In general, there are several types of topics for argumentative essay:

  • Is this fact real or fake;
  • What caused this situation;
  • How important is this thing;
  • Why people pay attention to this fact;
  • What does it mean;
  • What results were caused because of this thing?

This is the general format of topics you can create according to your subject or discipline. Still didn't get a proper idea?

Then you may use one of the following good topic samples:

  1. Education must be paid to increase its value on the job market
  2. The role of physical education in elementary school
  3. The meaning of golf as a sport
  4. The reasons to provide dry law
  5. Why smoking in public places must be prohibited

So all topics usually mean having an exact point of view on the subject. The author can agree or disagree by using strong arguments. There are several types of cases you can use. The most significant are scientific facts and researches. But traditional points of views of experts in the exact field can also be good. The writer can use everything that can cover his intentions and share his ideas.

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