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Not all essays could be informative, even if you do your best. This is a dilemma for students who can't handle their tasks. But if you study well and use the following guide in writing an informative essay, then you will have more chances for success. Just find out more about this type of paper and follow the expert advice. Also, you can ask for professional assistance and get your paper done without own participation.

Definition & purposes: what is an informative essay

The informative essay is a kind of numerous academic papers that have nothing else, but information about the topic. The author shouldn't share any other things, like own opinion or ideas. He aims to inform and educate the target audience about the exact topic or in the exact discipline. Such texts are very valuable because of include only useful information. This is great for readers but hard for writers. Let's clear up the reasons the writer feels trouble.

An informative essay has lots of requirements and issues. The hardest problem for the student is the informative side. There are a lot of methods to measure information capacity, so the author can't use any uninformative sentences and must keep control of each paragraph. You can share own position, but only in a brief manner without persuasive pressure.

Here are the main tasks for an informative essay:

  • to inform the target audience about an event, person, fact, etc;
  • to convince them in exact points of view;
  • to explain the value of the topic and make them exciting;
  • to present the background and latest information about the subject;
  • to make a clear and fair summary with cause-effect conclusions.

Sometimes informative essay becomes an expository speech. As a result, such paper is called to convince someone in something and make him or her change believes. That's why an informative essay writing process can't be easy for students, especially for freshmen. They require professional support and the full guide with informative essay examples.

How to write an informative essay to succeed: expert opinion

To make your paper informative you need to work with reliable and authoritative sources. So, it is vitally important to work with primary and secondary resources properly. There is no other way to share fair information about the topic with your readers. But there is one exception – if you are an expert on the topic. But the result of your writing would be a personal essay, but not an informative academic meaning.

To add only relevant content in your informative essay you should use the following tips:

  • choose only those facts in the source which are relevant to your topic. Don't work with sections which are not important for your introduction, the body paragraph or conclusion;
  • if you use a citation try to give it a short explanation. Usually, the meaning of words changes depending on a context;
  • use the proper writing style in your essay even if it differs from the format in original resources. You are allowed to change the tone of voice and writing manner of the citations if the task assignment has different requirements.

Main steps to make informative essay

Every writer has own strategy in creating papers, but you may use general advice for your sake. Here are the main steps in writing informative essays:

Create the list of possible topics

Collect several titles to make the best choice for your informative essay. Use your notes from your lectures, favorite books, interesting articles, electronic sources, and so on. Make sure that you will have enough arguments and facts to educate your readers.

Also remember, that even the best topic can be a failure if it is not relevant to your target audience. So choose those titles which may encourage readers to get more information from your paper.

Plan your essay and create detailed outline before writing

Your online is a kind of blueprint that helps to organize writing and plan your job with an informative essay. Thanks to this one-page text you can write a paper without fear to forget something Important or to break its logic structure.

At this stage, you need to collect all the questions about your topic. Your further text sections must explain all of them. Make sure to use one point for one paragraph.

Collect the main information

This is the final stage of preparation for writing. The author needs to share only proper facts with readers and expose the topic to the full. This is the main goal of an informative essay you can't ignore. And relevant informative materials will help you to reach such a goal.

That's why you must to gather different primary and secondary sources, make notes, choose the best arguments, etc. Analyze your notes and make conclusions about their relevance to the topic. Sort the final materials and plan the general sections of the paper.

Make your first draft with introduction, body, and conclusion

Keep the traditional structure of an academic paper, but also remember you are free to change it. Start with catchy beginning with the presentation of your topic. Make sure it can hook your readers. You can use rhetoric philosophical questions, citations, and even humor.

Then keep writing the main part according to your thesis statements. Share there all information to make your paper informative. End the essay with general conclusions with final thoughts. Try to provoke a discussion among the target audience.

Revise your paper

Read it several times to edit all inappropriate sentences and mistakes. Try to imagine you are your average reader and define the quality and value of your informative essay. If you feel everything okay, then the task is done.

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Informative essay outline

In general, the informative paper doesn't mean the exact structure. The author is free to express the content as he or she likes. But there are academic principles you can't ignore in your informative essay outline. For instance, a good essay means 3-5 pages in total and 4 sources in the reference list at least. The writing style must be official and formal, the author should reduce the number of personal phrases to a minimum (for instance, 'in my opinion', 'I think', etc.).

Your paper must be logic, so its structure is vitally important. Each author must keep all the rules according to his task assignment, but the main elements of your paper will be standard. Among them are the introduction, body, conclusion, and reference list.


This is a part that presents the topic and encourages the target audience to read the paper or listen to the speech. Informative essays require using interesting facts, hook sentences, and other tricks to grab the readers' attention.

The first paragraph of the introduction includes the general idea of the paper, its background with keywords and terms. The author should share the main positions he is going to describe and the reasons why this topic is important. The last section at the beginning of the text must include thesis statements.


The main part must include 90% of the information about the topic. Provide your target audience with all facts, proofs, and materials to teach people or convince them in something. This is a place where the author should use primary and secondary sources he had previously collected. Add here all facts, evidence, statistics, and other materials to support your topic.

While writing body paragraphs make sure that you keep the proper structure. Prefer using one point for one paragraph, good transition sentences, lists, and other elements to increase the readability of your informative essay.


Creating an essay is hard, but making conclusions is much harder. This part is really small but means a lot for you and your readers. Frankly speaking, the author has the last chance to influence the target audience and make them believe the content.

Use the method from specific to general, so your audience can make your findings after reading your essay. Remember, that you can't use any new information in conclusion, but only summarize previous facts and thoughts.

Works cited

When you write an informative essay, you require at least 4 sources. The more is the better. But besides using them in the text, you must add them to the reference list. Pay attention to your task assignment and find out the formatting style. It will define the particularity of forming the references.

Informative essay examples of topics for college students

All informative essay topics for college mean such subjects which have a lot to discuss. For instance, there is no great potential for a topic about the importance of laws in society, because people know most reasons. That's why your chosen topic must present new and useful information.

Use the following list of topics to prepare your informative essay:

  1. Different types of ecological issues.
  2. What is artificial intelligence?
  3. The main elements of a healthy lifestyle.
  4. The particularities of plastic medicine in Asia.
  5. How smoking influences on your health.
  6. The role of hormones in our body.
  7. Why people become victims of domestic violence.
  8. The reasons to use marijuana as a medicine method.
  9. The role of prostitution in modern society.
  10. The rights of transgender humans in the world.
  11. Main reasons for bullying among kids and teenagers.
  12. Does racism still exist in Europe and America?
  13. The scales of illegal migration.
  14. Do alternative medicine deserves to exist?
  15. The history of Internet evolution.
  16. How do gravity works?
  17. How do computer works?
  18. The role of the female population in elections.
  19. How to create a movie?
  20. What are the main particularities of Apple tablets and smartphones?
  21. The role of the ozone layer for nature and people.
  22. Why do people need to investigate the galaxy?
  23. How to define flue and differ it from a cold?
  24. The main advice on how to build a house.
  25. What is cybersecurity?
  26. The main reasons to study at university.
  27. How to stand up to blackmailing.
  28. The history of advertising.
  29. The women's rights in the Arabian world.
  30. The presentation of the latest scientific achievements in education.

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