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A culture essay in high school or college can lead you to a standstill. No wonder, after all, the concept of culture is very extensive and complex. It can be hard to come up with how to write an essay about culture – thoughts just run away.

If you suffer from a lack of ideas for your creative writing, we’ll try to help you. Take a look at helpful tips on how to get started your paper, what to write in it about, what conclusions should be drawn, and so on. Here we go.

Definition: what is a culture essay

Culture as one of the most familiar and seemingly quite clear concepts turns out to be at the same time one of the secrets of the seven seals. The main thing that you need to highlight in your paper is that culture is not a privilege. It’s a key element of the existence of each person.

Your culture essay should set forth how one cultural group interacts with other groups of people, provide a definition of culture, present diverse cultures, and traditions, etc. Express your ideas and support it with points of view of experts and quotes from scientific papers.

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Outline of culture essay

Each student paper has its standards, and culture essays are no exception. Even if you write about such a free topic and talk about language, religion, food habits (indeed, imagination can run wild!), you need to follow a certain outline. Let’s dwell a bit on this.


Perhaps this is the most important part of your paper. You need to catch the eye of the reader from the first lines. A boring start will spoil the effect of the whole work. For example, here you can provide your understanding of culture and what does it mean for the life of people in modern society.

Now let’s see what should be discussed in the main part.

What is a culture?

This is the most popular question that you can answer in your essay. There are many ways to run with this thought. You may define culture as an ethical issue or something graceful and lovely; associate it works of art; note that it is common rules of human behavior, which help to avoid problems and conflicts. As you can see, there are many options – the choice is yours.

Culture differences

Write about, say, cultural differences between the United States and Asian countries: describe their social customs, beliefs values as well as ways of life in general. Also, you can compare features of present-day culture and ancient one.

Why is culture important?

Here we offer you some points that you can expand in your way in your essay.

  • National culture unites people and ensures social integrity.
  • Culture as a whole defines the framework within a person can and must act.
  • It transfers social experience and helps to collect rich knowledge about the world.

Use these stating as pillars for your paper. Also, don’t forget about proofs and examples.


You can breathe a sigh of relief: it is the least important part of your essay. You just need to repeat what you’ve already written. In other words, there shouldn’t be any new information. The conclusion should consist of a few phrases. Take a look at a simple “recipe” that will help you finish the essay.

  • First sentence: describe the topic again.
  • Second sentence: rephrase the main idea of the essay.
  • Third sentence: add a “final chord”.


Here you need to list all sources used in alphabetical order. Keep in mind to use only reliable sources: Wikipedia and Reddit don’t fit. Better choose academic papers or serious books on the subject.

How to pick a topic for a culture essay

The topic of your essay is the first thing that catches the reader’s attention. It reflects all the things that will be discussed later. That is why it is very important to choose a proper topic. Check out some fresh culture essay topics that will work for you.

  1. The phenomenon of underground culture
  2. The impact of media on society’s life
  3. Nationalism and its impact on social behavior
  4. Is abortion murder or a convenient form of birth control?
  5. Place of tradition in the life of modern human
  6. Ethnic stereotypes in intercultural communication
  7. People and virtual worlds
  8. Religion as a main form of culture
  9. Utopia and dystopia in culture
  10. The impact of same-sex conduct on pop culture

You can use these topics as an example to come up with your ideas. Take note of who you’re writing the essay for. Ordinary work for a teacher at a high school will differ from an application essay.

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