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Affordable Proofreading Services

On the market, there are lots of proofreading services to provide online help with editing academic papers. However, Domain com stands out from other platforms of the kind.

Our key advantages

We take pride in the affordable services we offer.

Experienced proofreaders

The team of proofreaders we work with consists of well-trained and faithful professionals. Each of them has gained extensive experience in the field and got a degree to perform high-quality academic proofreading.

Our editors are using English as their first language, and it's another advantage we take pride in. They can ensure perfect language proficiency and full compliance with the rules.

Achieve the academic success you deserve

With our help, your performance at the university will be improved.

Perfect and precise referencing in a range of styles

We work with topics of different kinds. Domain helps in editing texts on various subject matters. It can be a final revision or check for English literature classes at the university, an excerpt from your business plan, or a thesis. Therefore, the style is not an issue for our online team of editors.

24/7 fast and reliable service

We have our professional editors working in different parts of the world. Therefore, academic proofreading can be done at any time. You can reach us whenever you need to check your texts.

Free revision of your edited document

If you are not satisfied with the final editing, we are ready to make amendments of any kind so that you approve the job. Turnarounds are accepted, and we do not charge extra payments if you find some additional grammar or punctuation issues to check. We position ourselves as a reliable and loyal service that works to the benefit of our customers.

Completely confidential and secure cooperation

To keep our good name, the editors provide you with reliable guarantees. Dealing with online services or online classrooms can be questionable sometimes, and any misleading steps will be detrimental to the credibility of our platform. That's why full data confidentiality is a must in the working process.

On-time delivery

We are responsible for the assignments we take from you. Even if the timing is strict, we'll manage not at the expense of the quality.

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Types of documents to use this service for

We cannot define our exact target audience, as customers we work with are not only students. These can be office workers or businessmen who need a final check of their text. Thus, we provide academic proofreading for a great list of documents:

  • Our editors proofread academic papers for students. Therefore, if you have some research or term paper, dissertation or essay on Cambridge history to be checked, be sure to ask;
  • We perform proofreading editing services for academic book or journal reviews as well;
  • We offer to double-check for business reports or articles.

Get the final polish on your papers

Quality customer support is what we strive for in our freelance work. The final papers must be edited and proofread in full accordance with the grammar rules. When the editor successfully managed with the document, it is time to set the academic proofreading rates.

Pricing proofreading can be confusing

The final proofreading rates of the finished work are set when all the details are taken into account. There can be an extra cost for the pricing if the senior editor checks the thesis. However, the ultimate sum is mostly dependent on timing. The manuscript can also be priced per the word count.

How much does proofreading cost if you need it quickly?

There is a pattern. It says that the tighter the time-frames, the higher the price. Thus, the charge is lower vice versa. DoAHomework.com can ask a minimum of $10 for a 2-weeks deadline. However, the less time you give us, the costlier the combined service will be.

What to expect?

Our customer support service can guarantee clarity and first-rate online editing by the tutors specializing in homework help. In-depth fast writing and fulfillment of the requirements promised. For more feedbacks, go to our site.

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