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Guidelines for Writing a Case Study

Case study writing is not an easy task. It requires investigating a problem, searching alternative solutions, and choosing one the most effective to support evidence. Find out how to do it in our detailed guide below.

What Is A Case Study?

The case study means both a research design to examine the problem and a method of analysis. A case study research paper is aimed to explore a place, person, phenomenon, event, or any other subject to define future trends. It covers the issues that were hidden previously and find out how to understand a critical problem better. 

As a rule, a case study directed to examine just one subject, but sometimes, it may require conducting a comparative investigation of two and more issues. Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed investigative paradigm are the main methods used for such research.

Different Types of Case Study

There are a couple of different types of case studies, including:

  1. Illustrative. It means that you will use a descriptive method when writing such a paper. It is aimed to give a reader an endless imagination on the topic under discussion.
  2. Pilot (exploratory). From its name, it is clear that you will need to conduct a thorough investigation. You are to define the questions and select types of measurement first. The main idea of it is to release initial findings as conclusions if they are convincing enough.
  3. Critical instance. It aims to examine one or more sites to call into question a universal or generalized assertion. Also, it may be used to investigate a situation of unique interest.
  4. Cumulative. This type aims to gather information from several sites at different times.

How Should a Case Study Be Formatted?

The format of a case study is as important as its content, so you should pay special attention to it. It will influence your final grade, so don’t neglect this step.

As a rule, MLA and APA formats are applied when writing a case study. First of all, you should add an abstract with a brief description of your assignment. You may ask “why” – because some teachers will not read more than that theoretical to conclude your paper.

9 Steps To Writing a Strong Case Study

Everything is not as difficult as you may imagine it. So to write a successful case study, you should do the following.

Step One: Preparing the Case

Preparing and understanding your case study is the first step. Do not neglect it because if you don’t understand it at the very beginning, you will not be able to write a successful paper.

Read and Examine the Case Thoroughly

You should take notes, illuminate all the relevant facts, and identify the main issues.

Focus Your Analysis

You should determine from two to five main issues and find out the reasons for them to exist. Answer the questions of whether they impact the organization and who bears the responsibility for them.

Uncover Possible Solutions/Changes Needed

You should review the readings, researches, discussions, and your own experience.

Select the Best Solution

Highlight all the strong supporting evidence and make sure the solution to be realistic.

Step Two: Drafting the Case

Now it’s time to create a persuasive outline. It is also an essential step while it makes your overall writing process much more comfortable.


In the introduction, you should define the main problems and issues. In the same part, you should write a thesis statement and provide a 1-2 sentence analysis summary.


Now you should define the scene and include here all the essential information, some facts, studies, etc. You should show that you have conducted thorough research on the problem and in-depth subject analysis.

Evaluation of the Case

In that part, you should highlight all the possible alternatives, maybe even just the most important. And tell why you rejected those alternatives.  Then continue with the next step.

Proposed Solution/Changes

Your task is to provide only one realistic solution and explain why you have chosen it. Support it with evidence (class concepts, personal experience, outside research, etc.)


Here you should provide the strategies for accomplishing the proposed solution and recommendations on resolving some of the issues and key problems if possible.

Step Three: Ask For Permission to Use Their Story in Your Case Study

Very often, we face such a notion as copyright or author’s rights. This is not the case with a case study; however, using someone’s story may require the permission of those people.

Create a Permission Letter

If you want to get their permission to use the story for your case study research, think of a short permission letter. State why you would like to use their story and how exactly.

Consider Using a Legal Release Form

If you want to be convincing, a legal release form will help a lot, so don’t neglect that opportunity to write a good essay.

Step Four: Send Them An Introductory Questionnaire 

An intro questionnaire is an excellent way to find out all the necessary information for your case study. Don’t neglect to write it and send it to their team.

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Step Five: Format Your Case Study Interview Questions

The case study interview questions are also to be appropriately formatted and written in proper order, so here is how to do it. Working on it will be not difficult.

Getting To Know Your Subject

Writing about something you have no idea about is not the right way. So before starting to write something, you should conduct research and make an investigation answering the following questions.

What Problems Were They Experiencing?

Ask for their experience, for the problem and issues they faced. This is the first thing and subject you should pay attention to. So the first thing you should include in your questionnaire is the issues and problems they faced.

What Helped Them Make Their Decision?

After you asked about the issues, find out how they came up with the decision they made. What made them make that decision, and what helps to find that solution?

How Does Your Solution Help?

Now you should tell how that solution helps in solving the issue under discussion. Provide clear explanations, support it with strong arguments. Also, explain how the company implemented your product and what results they obtained. Conduct your outside research.

Step Six: Schedule the Interview

The interview is one of the most critical parts of your case study writing. Ask for the date and time when it would be convenient for them to answer all of your questions. Create a draft of the questions beforehand.

Step Seven: Write Your Case Study

Now, as you have gathered all the necessary information, browsed all the readings, discussions, you can start writing your case study. It includes the following steps:

  • Writing your title.

Your title is the first thing you should think of. Of course, if your professor didn’t assign you a specific topic. Keep it in mind should be eye-catching.

  • Write an executive summary.
  • Then write who is your case study about.
  • Describe the problems they have faced.
  • Describe how you helped.
  • Now provide progress and results.
  • Apart from all those mentioned above, you can add visuals.

Step Eighth: Finalizing the Case

Now the first draft of your case study is ready, so you can go through it again and check it for any gaps and mistakes. Make sure the thesis is direct, clear, and the evidence is solid.

Make a thorough revision before submitting it. Check it for the mistakes and typos, make sure you provided only relevant facts.

Step Nine: Promoting Your Case Study

This is the final step. After you have checked everything, you can submit your case study. Case studies are a great way to promote your business even, so it is better to learn how to do it. They are not a piece of literature but still can be helpful for any customer.

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