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How to Write an Article Review

An article review is a complex paper based on a summary of another person’s piece of writing. To summarize an article accurately, you should pay enough attention to the main points of an analyzed part and reveal your evaluation. Every review is always based on the top principles of critical analysis. Moreover, once reviewing a piece, you should check and follow the provided requirements and guides.

It is important to check the entire paper before starting to summarize and evaluate it. Therefore, getting full information about a written piece, its central theme, supporting evidence, and research methods is a top priority.

What Is an Article Review

Every review is a separate piece of writing, which evaluates and analyzes another person’s ideas. Writing a useful review means checking and analyzing every element of an article. The logical evaluation is crucial when you deal with this type of academic work. The assessment of the central theme remains one of the top writer’s duties. Moreover, once checking the central theme, every writer should focus on supporting evidence and research methods.

Types of Review

The review is built on revealing, analyzing, and finally summarizing another writer’s article. The requirements and instructions can significantly differ since there is a list of review types. Depending on the kind of review, three primary forms include a journal, research, and science reviews.


Journal article review is based on the analysis of a revealed article and its principal points. This is the most common type of study. At the same time, this piece requires a proper format and structure. Since this is one of the essential academic assignments, every student must be aware of how to write it correctly. Moreover, when preparing a journal review, students often analyze scholarly journals related to their field of study.


Once writing an article where summarizing research, be ready to survey the provided facts and studies, but do not report new effects. This paper is based on profound research on a topic, its chief points, and its importance. This type of review can be called a survey article evaluation, as well.


A science article review is aimed at observing the existed study, its results, and supporting evidence. This kind of paper requires a summary of an analyzed piece of writing based on critical analysis principles. Often, it requires additional researches to be conducted as well.

Formatting an Article Review

A proper format is essential for every article review. Therefore, make sure to follow all the guidelines and paper’s requirements. This particular paper requires the following core elements:

  • Title page with the name of a writer and date;
  • A short abstract of about 200 to 300 words;
  • The introduction part that reveals the topic;
  • The central body part with subtopics;
  • Brief and logical conclusions;
  • The list of references.

How Many Publications Should You Review?

Since this paper requires an in-depth analysis of material with complete background information, it is better to focus on a single article review. Moreover, even one article analysis can take lots of time and effort to perform.

Using the APA Format

Generally, the format citation style is assigned by a tutor or college professor. Thus, when citing quotations in APA style, make sure to follow all APA format requirements.

Using MLA Format

An assigned MLA format requires a proper following of MLA citation format requirements. Check the article review format additional details online or special tutorials if needed.

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Stage 1: Preparation

You can check numerous articles review samples online when preparing a review. Moreover, make sure to read an article a few times and get background information related to the revealed subject.

Step 1. Define an article review

When writing a review, be ready to look for additional background information. First, identify your type of investigation. You can deal both with critical and literature review based on the type of written piece you tend to summarize. Once choosing a crucial consideration, be ready to use all the essential tools of analysis available.

Step 2. Plan your work on the review

The paper should start not with a simple publication title written, but with a full understanding of a topic. You must understand the major message of an article and outline its main points. It is good to check the strengths and weaknesses of the reveled author’s ideas first.

Step 3. Get a quick glimpse of the article

To understand the material, be ready to check it a few times. You should check every particular argument in a paper very carefully. Your review must have a logical structure and strong statements.

Step 4. Read the article in all attention

You need to check all the points of the article, thus pay a lot of attention once reading a material. With different types of items, you should pay attention to various arguments and supporting evidence. Be careful with every vital idea and fact when you read the article.

Step 5. Retell the article to yourself

Outline the head points of arguments and retell the report to yourself. Make sure you understand how to summarize it adequately.

Step 6. Outline your review

Check and outline the main arguments, supporting evidence, and ideas revealed to use them in your paper.

Stage 2. Writing

With all the information gathered and top writing methods outlined, start writing your review. It is also better to start your essay writing with a draft.

Step 1. Think of a title for your writing

Prepare a good title for your publication first. Your piece of paper should have a logical and understandable title related to an analyzed field of study. Provide the name of an author and a date of publication, as well. 

Step 2. Cite the article that you are reviewing

You choose a research paper to review, thus make sure to cite the occasionally send report correctly and according to a citation format.

Step 3. Provide general information about the article that you are reviewing.

The summary of the article always requires general information about an analyzed piece of writing. It is essential to reveal the central idea of an article.

Step 4. Write your introduction

The introduction must disclose the central point of a paper. Numerous essay and term papers, when reviewed, require a brief introduction with the author’s leading arguments outlined.

Step 5. Give an overview of the article

When analyzing a journal article, give a summary of the main arguments and supporting evidence defined.

Step 6. Write the main body of your review

Your paper must expose the main ideas of an analyzed piece and the author’s contributions to the field. Write important information you have outlined once preparing an essay.

Step 7. Write your conclusion

Every academic review must provide a logical and robust inference. This is a final step of essay writing. Be ready to answer every question asked in the introduction. Check online example to get more information about article writing guides.

Step 8. Give your article review a final proofread

Always check a completed paper a few times to ensure a flawless and original last piece.

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