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How to Study Physics: 7 Techniques to Perform Better

Studying Physics by Students

Physics is both one of the most fascinating and challenging subjects we study today. To those who wonders “Why do we study Physics?”, the short answer is that it’s a subject that deals with the very essence of the universe. Everything around us works according to the law of physics, and exploring it in our everyday life is an exciting journey. At the same time, it is a famously complex subject, and it’s not uncommon for students to be simply terrified of physical sciences. So why is it important to study this subject and how can physics students become better at what they do? Find out the answers to these questions right now!

The Benefits of Studying Physics

Students are often wondering: why study this discipline at university or college at all if you don’t have any physics majors? Whether you are currently majoring in physics or study it as an additional subject, these are the biggest advantages of learning it today:

  • Choice. Graduating with a degree in physics is an ideal choice for anyone who is smart enough to learn this complex subject, but doesn’t know what they want to do with their experience. During the time you spend obtaining a Master’s degree, you can easily find the field of physics you’re particularly passionate about and continue your education in the selected field.
  • Employment opportunities. A natural choice for physics students is to become a Ph.D eventually. This title opens up the door for a successful scientific career, but your options are not limited by becoming a researcher. You have a ton of employment opportunities in every industry imaginable, from aerospace to medicine.
  • Travel. Not many people thinking of pursuing a degree in physics know this, but the life of a physics student goes hand in hand with traveling. Visiting other universities abroad for joint research projects and other activities will enrich your student life and give you a lot of memorable experiences.

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15 Best Physics Degrees for 2019

If you’re planning to learn physics but have trouble choosing the right institution, here are 15 best universities and colleges for obtaining a degree in this field in 2018.

  1. Harvard University. Average net price: $16,205.
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Average net price: $21,576.
  3. Stanford University. Average net price: $16,695.
  4. Harvey Mudd College. Average net price: $35,460.
  5. California Institute of Technology. Average net price: $26,839.
  6. Bowdoin College. Average net price: $24,888.
  7. Brown University. Average net price: $25,264.
  8. Princeton University. Average net price: $17,732.
  9. Columbia University. Average net price: $22,973.
  10. Cornell University. Average net price: $30,014.
  11. The University of Michigan. Average net price: $16,107.
  12. Georgia Institute of Technology. Average net price: $13,340.
  13. Yale University. Average net price: $18,319.
  14. The University of Chicago. Average net price: $13,068.
  15. The University of Pennsylvania. Average net price: $22,944.

How to Succeed in Physics Courses: Top 7 Tips

Physics and engineering are notorious for being hard to master, but nothing is impossible when you are dedicated and focused. These 7 tips will help you become a brilliant student.

1. Don’t Skip Classes

Even if you have notes from the class or a transcript, class attendance is one of the essential components of succeeding in your studying. When in class, you need to pay 100% of attention to the subject without getting distracted.

2. Take Labs Seriously

Labs are a very powerful tool for exploring physics, but to learn, you need to be proactive. Listen to your instructor, learn more about what you’re about to do, and try to predict the outcome of the experiment before it concludes – in other words, be an active lab participant.

3. Read More

The best way to know you’re going to succeed in today’s class is to read the textbook before the class begins. After the class ends, you need to do some more reading, and remember that you’re not limited by one textbook – there is plenty of reading material on every topic in your area.

4. Study in Groups

Even a tiny group of two students can understand more about physics than an individual learner. When studying it together, take turns to explain what you’ve just learned to each other – if you’re struggling, dedicate some more time.

5. Solve Problems

Practice is the only way to perfection, and the only way to practice in physics is to solve as many problems as possible. Start by the ones given to you in class and ask your professor if you feel you’re ready for more challenges.

6. Review Solved Problems

In order to fully understand how the science works, you need to see how others are solving problems in physics. Study every move of solved problems in textbooks and you’ll get a clear idea.

7. Get Help

It’s not always possible to master the course of physics on your own, and working with a tutor is your best option. You can talk directly to your supervisor about your struggles and see what they suggest.

Top 5 Pieces of Advice to Ace Your Physics Exam!

The exam takes a lot of preparation, and here is how to study physics if you’re aiming for the highest grade.

  1. Pay attention in classes – many of the points discussed in class will later be featured in the exam.
  2. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you’re having trouble understanding a concept, both in class and throughout the week.
  3. Find a study partner and prepare for the exam together, explaining the particularly difficult things to each other.
  4. Read the question several times before answering it: you may get some hints on the correct answer from the question itself.
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