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Why You Should Study Statistics in High School?

Studying Statistics in High School by Students

Statistics is one of the forms of applied mathematics, and that fact alone can spread the fear in the hearts of high school and college students. However, it is also a fascinating subject with dozens of uses in our everyday life. Through different surveys and experiments we can learn a lot about our world.

It’s true that the field isn’t the easiest one to study, but even if you’re not planning to join the American Statistical Association or make it your primary occupation, there are still plenty of benefits of learning it at school. Today we’ll focus on some of the advance reasons why we should study this subject.

Statistics for All High School Students?

“Why do we need to study statistics in high school?”, especially if it has nothing to do with the major, is one of the most common questions modern students have. Often the study of statistics is called a simple process of analyzing the data from different fields. However, in reality, it is a much more complex subject. Student needs to learn how to collect data, as well as present, analyze, and interpret numerical facts. This kind of all-encompassing knowledge is somewhat difficult to get elsewhere, and that is exactly why this discipline cannot be replaced with any other subject.

Statistics is often referred to as one of the hardest subjects in pursuit of Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees because it is closely connected to Mathematics, but the truth is that you don’t need to be a skilled mathematician. Of course, advanced Statistics courses require knowledge of Mathematics, but even those who major in English or Human Studies can find a course of statistics useful and manageable.

The introduction of available software has been a big turning point in many fields of science. If you’re now wondering whether we should still learn statistics when there is plenty of software, the answer is a definite yes: the software is still in its early stages, and some things can only be calculated with a human mind. That’s also one of the reasons why it is a great option for a major: there is always new and exciting techniques to learn and apply, as statistics is a branch of science that is constantly developing.

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Importance of Statistics in Different Fields

Mathematics and statistics are known for being widely used in every aspect of modern living, but many students have no idea to what extent it is indispensable for every brand of science and life itself. Here are some of the reasons why collection, analysis, and other parts of the statistical process are vital for us.

  1. Statistics is widely used in education: for example, standardized testing is a field that heavily relies on statistics. We also evaluate the efficiency of education with the help of various observers data.
  2. It is closely connected to the research. It helps assess the credibility of the study, the usefulness of the information obtained, and ways to improve the results of the research in the future.
  3. Science is the one branch that cannot exist without statistics: both statistics and data deal with collecting, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting the data sets.
  4. As a society, every day we receive large quantities of data from various sources, but the data does not equal information. In order to turn data into information, we use statistics.
  5. Physics and chemistry can benefit from it in two major ways. First, statistics enrich our knowledge in these two fields. Second, it helps break down complex notions and calculations to smaller, easily understandable ones.
  6. Politics heavily relies on statistics for a number of reasons: most importantly, it helps political campaigns allocate their resources more effectively.
  7. Nursing can hardly function without this science: everything in nursing, from following protocols to administering medications to patients, is regulated by statistics.
  8. Psychology and statistics have a lot in common: both use the same techniques for processing data and improving human life.
  9. Most aspects of agriculture, from choosing the right seeds and fertilizers for the area to predicting the weather conditions, come from statistics.
  10. Sociology and statistics are two fields of science that go hand in hand: researching modern society cannot be imagined without heavy use of this information.
  11. Most business and management activities, including planning, organizing, and making decisions, are based on the results of statistic reports. It also profoundly influenced the field of finance, where dozens of statistic methods are used every day.
  12. Since statistics is a brand of applied mathematics, the connection between the two branches doesn’t really need an explanation.

Opportunities for Statisticians

The first thing you need to know about employment for statisticians is that working as a researcher or professor is far from being the only way to find a good job with a degree in statistics. From the list of applications above, it’s easy to see that statistics are used in dozens of different fields. Having proficiency in statistics can land you a respectable job in any area you like, from medicine and ecology to engineering, government, and law.

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