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The Diabetes Essays: Research Topics and Work Hints

Diabetes is a severe disease that happens when the body is not able to produce insulin as needed. As a result, it can’t convert the glucose from the food to become the source of energy for the body cells. The level of blood sugar becomes too high, and the adverse effects on human health are terrible, up to lethal.

It is vital to make the society conscious about this disease, as it is widespread enough. Diabetes with proper treatment won’t prevent people from having an active life. But as many people as possible must understand how diabetes affects us and learn the ways to treat it.

Doing such a research paper is an excellent means for understanding the problem. The more people will get familiar with the basics, the better they can fight this disease.  

Writing a research paper: methods and tips

Any research paper should start by searching for information on the problem. Speaking of a diabetes essay, we need to be extra careful about the trustworthiness of this information. There are still many dubious data and myths around this disease. Thus, the initial goal of the student doing this research is to find reliable sources and pick up the weighty arguments.

Refer to the professional books and journal articles, and check the records from the medical conferences dedicated to diabetes problems. Make sure to use only the verified information. When it comes to such a complicated and severe issue, it is obligatory to get the trusted data.

When you’ve collected the data and analyzed them, you can start the paper composition. No matter if you work on an essay or some other assignment type, you need a well-built structure of the text: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.  

Beginning of a diabetes research paper

The introduction is, perhaps, an essential part of the text in terms of your work success. It serves to present the topic and the main idea of your research and to help the listeners/readers follow it. But the primary goal is to grasp the audience.

If you are going to deal with medical terms like gestational diabetes, and explore more scientific data, the chances are that your public may get bored. Thus, you have to make them interested from the very beginning.

The introduction part must have a “hook” that is a short piece at the very beginning of the text. The best options to use are some thought-provoking statements, quotes, catchy facts, or stats data. The audience should want to learn more about the subject.

This part includes the diabetes thesis statement that is the most critical segment of the whole essay. It is the main idea of the diabetes-related aspects you offer to the public. Later in the text, you will prove that idea with reliable evidence from the researches.

The thesis statement should be placed right before the beginning of the body part. This statement is a kind of transition from the opening to the main text. You can formulate it in the way that it would lead the audience to the rest of the work directly. Or, you can use additional transitions to make it smoother for the reader/listener.  

How to compose and organize the body of an essay

The body of the research work takes 75-80% of the full text. It is a substantial part that presents the results of your examinations, and your interpretation of them.

Organize the information in paragraphs. Each paragraph should have its own main idea. You need to provide an opening of the section, and the logical conclusion. All items must be connected. The first section should lead to the next section.

The essay outline will be most helpful for sketching the essay body. There you can select the data to include in the text, the evidence, and references. It is an excellent tool for experimenting with their order and structure. Besides, you can track the “plotline” of the essay: it should start from the thesis statement and come through all the contents of the body until the conclusion part.

  • For instance, the first paragraph of the body can describe the type 1 and type 2 diabetes with medical definitions.
  • The second section would be about the causes of getting abnormal insulin in both cases.
  • The third paragraph will be dedicated to diabetic patients and their primary needs to fight these diseases.

You can have as many paragraphs as needed for your idea. The only condition is that they all must be logical and rely on factual scientific data.

The conclusion of a diabetes research paper

The end of an exceptional diabetes essay should summarize the information you’ve provided. But it is even more vital that it stresses your main idea. When you compose the conclusion, you need to revise the whole essay and check if your arguments were persuasive, and you could prove your rightness.

The conclusion also needs the final hit sentences. Your goal is to “refresh” the perception of your audience and attract their attention again. One of the best methods is asking a question, as it always provokes the reaction. Another option is putting the case into a bigger context – it stresses the importance of the topic you chose.

Some suggestions for research topics in diabetes

Similar to other writing tasks you get in college, you have to choose the right research topics. Speaking of diabetes, you have a wide variety of choices. There are more general or more specific topics. Or, you might choose between “scientific” and “practical” matters. Even if the question is defined in your assignment, you might have freedom of interpretation.

We’ve collected some samples of research topics for your diabetes essay. We hope you will find an inspirational idea among them.

Topics to research the type 1 diabetes

  1. How to treat the complications to the eye for diabetic patients with type 1 diabetes? 
  2. How to guarantee the correct insulin activity for the patients?
  3. The main risk factors of this type.
  4. Causes of type 1 diabetes.
  5. Support therapy for patients with diabetes type 1.

Topics about diabetes for an argumentative essay

  1. The impact of poor nutritional habits on the development of the disease.
  2. Which ways are most effective for raising public awareness about diabetes?
  3. The phenomenon of gestational diabetes is of genetic origin.
  4. Efficient ways of preventing diabetes with a genetic predisposition.
  5. Economic factors are contributing to the development of diabetes.

Causes of diabetes topics

  1. Genetic causes and the role of heredity.
  2. How the lack of education about the processes running in the human body affects the development of diabetes?
  3. Obesity won’t let the body to produce insulin properly.
  4. Family diabetes: is it the product of genetics or poor eating habits?
  5. Diabetes as the complication of other diseases.

Diabetes research for nursing field essays

  1. Developing the diet for type 1 or type 2 diabetes patients.
  2. The help methods for diabetic foot ulcers.
  3. Assisting patients with amputations because of diabetes.
  4. How to improve the quality of life and immune system work of elderly patients suffering from this disease?
  5. Urgent help for ketoacidosis complications. 


Writing the diabetes essay is not just submitting a paper to get the desired grade. While working on this task, you get vital information and gain awareness about this problem. However, if you experience difficulties with the writing process itself – we are here to help.

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