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Cancer Essay Writing: Crucial Tips

Writing a good college essay can be difficult. You need to choose an interesting topic and understand what the audience expects from you. If you do not pay enough attention to the writing process, the paper will be boring and irrelevant. Each month, students write dozens of essays, but only a few of them are really interesting.

Students of a medical college should choose a topic that will be not only interesting but also informative. One of the most popular medical essay themes is cancer. Cancer disease is very dangerous and common throughout the world. There are many forms of cancer, with similarities and differences. Therefore, if you conduct a good study, you can easily come up with the idea that will help you uncover the topic. We have prepared several of them for you.

Writing about cancer in a college essay step-by-step

A cancer essay may seem like a typical task for many medical students. But there are some difficulties that you may encounter. Firstly, writing about cancer can be a challenge because of its topic. It is easier to write about something that has not so many consequences. 

Imagine that you write about lung cancer. This is a very common type of disease that occurs in all countries and in different people.

So, you have decided on the topic. Your next step is collecting evidence. Use only verified sources. You can check with your professor which sites you should consider. When you have enough information, you can write a cancer essay outline. Following this plan, write a draft. When you have done, read it and make changes. Do not rush to get rid of grammatical errors; first, make sure that your essay is informative, logical, and well-structured. With the last proof, you can make the paper flawless.

Below you’ll find a detailed guide on how to write a perfect cancer essay. 

Essay introduction

After collecting enough information and making a plan for your essay, you can start writing a cancer essay introduction.

The task of this section is clear enough: you must attract the attention of readers, briefly describe the essence of the paper. For example, a cancer essay may begin with a historical background. Then you can show the importance of the problem, the consequences of its spread. Give the reader an understanding of your vision. Perhaps you want to write about the history of cancer, its premises, innovative methods of treatment. Use the hook to hold attention during the writing about cancer.

Essay body

The next step is writing the cancer essay body. This is the most informative part of your writing. You have to identify the main argument of the essay and also find some good sub-arguments. Please note that all facts must be effective and validated. For example, you can mention current mortality statistics.

One of your subtopics may be the role of genes. Cancer is not an inherited disease but is often found in the same family.

The second subtopic may address the issue of consequences, both physical and mental. Show what the human body experiences in both of these cases.

To make the college essay more innovative, you can add information about preventative measures, innovative treatment methods in your cancer essay body. For example, stem cell therapy is very promising today.

Essay conclusion

So, you are at the final stage of writing your essay. You have already used all the information you have and now must make a good cancer essay conclusion. Indicate your main argument again and analyze its elaboration in the text.

For example, you can write in your essay: lung cancer is a disease that affects millions of people. Therefore, it is worth paying great attention to its prevention and proper treatment. Stem cell therapy has tremendous potential for the treatment of this disease. But this is not enough. People should get rid of the smoking habit, make their lifestyle more active and healthier.

Cancer essay outline example

If you want to write an informative and interesting cancer essay, you will need a quality plan. Then you will have before your eyes the structure of your paper. Here is a simple cancer essay outline to help you:

  1. Cancer essay introduction: Main argument, subtopics, thesis statement
  2. Main part: Concepts, evidence, and examples.
  3. Conclusion: Summarizing your cancer essay.

Start the cancer essay writing with a bright phrase that attracts attention. Next, tell the reader about subtopics, state the main argument. The main part of the essay should reveal your arguments with good examples. In the cancer essay conclusion, summarize your findings and recommendations.

Cancer topics for an essay: interesting suggestions

The topic of cancer is incredibly wide. On the one hand, you can come up with many cancer topics for your essay. On the other hand, each of them may seem boring and predictable. We have prepared some good ideas for an awesome cancer essay:

  • Why is breast cancer so common?
  • Are there preventative methods that can prevent cancer?
  • How to treat cancer in 2020?
  • Different forms of cancer: similarities and differences
  • Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Treatment
  • Why is chemotherapy no longer considered an effective treatment for lung cancer?
  • What are the alternatives for chemotherapy?
  • Are there any dangerous and non-dangerous forms of cancer?

In the process of studying the material, you can come up with other ideas for your topic. Write them down to analyze and make a final choice. This will help you write a really good college essay about lung cancer that will resonate with your readers.

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