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How to Write an Informative Essay

Sooner or later on your study path, you will encounter this kind of task. Along with other types of text, it will appear on curriculum now and then, so the faster you accommodate to it, the easier your life will be. With our assistance, you will master all ins and outs of this written assignment, so let’s get it started.

What is an Informative Essay?

Across grades, from 4th through 12th, this kind of writing is the same, so once you master it, you can handle this task on any level of your education. Despite its scary name, it is one of the most manageable tasks, because you collect and put together available data and numbers without adding your evaluation or analysis. Yes, you need to browse and select lots of useful articles and books (websites usually do not count towards reliable peer-reviewed materials). But then you only need to organize it logically, and put together in printed form.

Yes, no argumentation, proofs, critique, just data, and figures. It can become your favorite written task because of its simplicity, after all.

Essay Writing Steps: Advice from Our Experts

To begin with, set a clear boundary between this kind of task and other forms of writing. Cause and effect or controversial viewpoints do not belong here. You may mention them, but you should not debate or support one of them, like in a persuasive essay. That’s the key to a secure job without additional stress and revisions. Stick to the logical flow of information:

  • Chronological;
  • From beginning to end;
  • Causes, effect, significance;
  • Transformation of political/social views from earlier to later ones, etc.

Do not jump back and forth, go steady step by step, and you will arrive at a very decent academic assignment of own creation.

Subject Matter

The success of informative essays depends on how fully the chosen topics are covered. Be sure to select the one that you can explore and write about comfortably, with plenty of academic sources and time to arrange and rearrange. But first of all, it should be interesting to you, because otherwise, it will be unappealing to your readers.

If you feel a personal aversion to what you speak about, the same will be evident to the audience. Yes, the title may be already assigned by the prof. But it is in your powers to highlights certain aspects of a general idea more, and so to say what you want to say and engage your readers in your narrative. Yes, this is the case of lemons and lemonade. Always remember it.

How to Write an Informative Essay from a Scratch

Your prof will most probably mention the volume of the task (number of pages). You are usually allowed to overdo or underdo this number by 10% maximum. But if nothing is stated, go for 3 to 4 pages plus reference list (it is never counted as the component of the academic text itself). First, make an essay outline, which will guide you through the whole writing process and let you see what parts you have and what you still have to complete. This plan will include an outline, introduction, body, and conclusion. The central part will consist of several sections called body paragraphs. Their count depends on the paper length. The minimum number is three. The maximum number meeting the text length requirements.

How to Write an Informative Essay Outline

Now closer to each section. The outline consists of pivotal ideas that you jot down as you research. Then they are expanded at the cost of citations, specific data, details, examples that you add to each separate point. This is a framework, woodwork that will be covered with other materials and decorated as you do the writing. This type of report on smoking, for instance, will have such a plan:

  1. What is smoking;  a) brief description of its roots, b) how it developed into the industry);
  2.  Number of smokers around the world; a) adults b) teens c) if the  practice is on the rise or declines;
  3. Industry scope; a) numbers b) how profitable it is;
  4. Health consequences (why it is considered so harmful); a) adults b) teens c) students d) pregnant women e) unborn children f) passive smoking;  
  5. What is done to counter this habit: a) legislation,  b) therapy, c) public campaigns.

This informative essay outline does not include the introduction or closing parts. Because they do not carry a significant factual load, the bigger scope of data goes into the middle section.

How to Write Introduction

This section provides a general background and contains a thesis statement, the focal point of the essays. It tells what the theme is and what will be discussed along the way. Like, ‘Smoking is an ages-old harmful habit that generates billion dollars of income for companies and negatively affects millions of people, so public efforts to curb it face lobbyism and opposition from large cigarette manufacturers’. This thesis is enough to notify the target audience of what to expect along the way and help them keep pace with your story.

How to Write Body Part

The bulk portion of the text explains in detail everything you have to say on the essay topics. Pay attention to your plan and page count, because if you find enough data, 3 pages can turn into 6 before you even notice it. Remember that each section within this part needs a topic sentence that expresses the fundamental idea of this section, and then it is supported and expanded by data and examples. Then use a transitional sentence that summarizes the key insights and prompts what will be in the next section. Repeat until you provide all the necessary information you see jotted in your plan.

How to Write a Conclusion

This part summarizes what you have said in a very brief form. It reminds of a thesis but in different wording. Mention several essential points from your narrative (like how many citizens suffer from smoking and what is done to reduce the number). End in some witty saying or informative call for action. Just be careful not to include anything new into this ending section, this is openly wrong.

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48 Stunning Informative Essay Topics

The ethical issue for discussion ensures that you are entertained while creating and that readers are interested in reading it. So pick the one that appeals to you and go-ahead to build an impressive informative essay.

Informative Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Good and bad aspects of mass media power and their effect on population;
  2. Alternative fuels and their role in reducing CO2 emissions;
  3. The global warming impact on the planet;
  4. Veganism and examples of its positive and negative health effect;
  5. Maternity leaves and benefits for mothers across Europe and the USA;
  6. Social security network in the USA and its strong and weak sides;
  7. The bipartite political system, its advantages, and disadvantages for the country;
  8. Great Recession of 2008 and its consequences;
  9. The new economic reality for Millennials;
  10. Illegal immigration: definition, causes, possible solutions;
  11. Income inequality and its reasons;
  12. The biggest wars before the 20th century.

Good Informative Essay Topics

  1. History of voting legislation;
  2. Travel as a source of global pollution and ways to mitigate it;
  3. Solar energy as a home alternative to traditional electricity;
  4. Multiple causes of obesity epidemics in the USA;
  5. Downshifting as a new revolution in fulfilling and meaning life;
  6. Gun violence and its connection to gun legislation of the USA;
  7. Climate change and its recent portends;
  8. The Idea of Internet detox: what it is and why it is used;
  9. Pay gap between men and women around the world;
  10. Heart disease is the leading cause of mortality and how to prevent it.

Informative Essay Topics for Middle School

  • Homelessness, its causes, and solutions;
  • Privacy on the web: how to ensure it;
  • Is a healthy lifestyle another marketing hoax;
  • Internet of Things and its pros and cons;
  • Modern robots, their applications, and possible ethical implications;
  • Fires around the world:  causes and consequences;
  • Employment and life balance: is it important in contemporary life;
  • Emotional labor and who does it (and why);
  • Should Google be split into several separate companies;
  • Instagram as a leading social network of today;
  • School lunches around the world;
  • Flax, production of linen, and sustainability of this kind of fabric.

Easy Informative Essay Topics

  • Impact of social networks on teens: facts and myths;
  • Domestic violence and how to counter it;
  • Evidence-based medicine – facts and figures;
  • Can food supplements replace fresh fruit and vegetables;
  • Proper sleep and why it matters;
  • A city that is good to live in and its features;
  • Elon Musk and his space projects;
  • Describe a media celebrity of your preference and what turns him/her into an idol;
  • Child movie stars and their adult careers;
  • Colonization of Mars and its possible consequences;
  • History of NASA;
  • How does a nuclear power plant work;
  • What industries pollute the environment most and what they can do to reduce pollution;
  • Who invented windmills and for what purpose.

Informative Essay Examples

A sample of good narratives can facilitate your job and let you build a good story without excessive stress and time-wasting. Tons of examples of informative texts can be found on the web for free. We also provide some of them, and while staying on the website search and read them to boost your inspiration and imagination. Yet even better, we can write an informative text according to your mentioned subject and do it correctly. You will read it, analyze it, and learn to build a similar one – or submit it as is to your prof if you are pressed for time and drained down to the bottom. We have been doing lots of these tasks before. We will be happy to assist you efficiently and safely with your essay, for your benefit and our sincere pleasure. Do not hesitate to ask us for help and get it right now!

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