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How to Write an Opinion Essay

Writing an opinion essay can be a problematic task for students. This type of paper requires impressive writing skills and an ability to think critically. An opinion essay is a commonly assigned paper at schools and colleges. To prepare an excellent article, you should follow all the requirements and paper guidelines.

Types of Essays

With a bunch of existed essay types, an opinion essay remains a less complex one. Such types, like argumentative, reflective, and persuasive essays, require full content. An opinion essay has a standard five-paragraph structure that helps to put your opinions into a single written piece.

Structuring and Outlining

The proper structure is an essential feature of an essay. Moreover, when dealing with an opinion essay, five main paragraphs is enough to reveal the topic entirely. Furthermore, it is useful to outline a paper first to come up with firm arguments and relevant supporting evidence.


Pre-writing is an opening stage of an opinion essay writing. Brainstorming is an excellent method to check all existed ideas.

Choosing a Topic

It is good to research before choosing a topic. Make sure to provide a relevant and eye-catching item to interest your audience. The essay topic must be clear and precise if you want to deliver a great final piece.

Writing an Introduction

An introduction is an opening part when writing an opinion. The introductory paragraph must be short but highly informative. It also should contain a thesis statement at the end.

Writing the Main Body

In the body of your essay, provide the main arguments. Every new paragraph must be related to a single. Support your argument with facts, data, statistics, etc. You have to support your point of view with relevant and up-to-date evidence. Every paragraph must be started with a topic sentence. You should also pay your attention to linking words, tense, formal vocabulary, and punctuation.

Writing s Conclusion

A conclusion is a final part of an opinion essay where you reveal your findings. You should write an opinion based on in-depth research and critical thinking.

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Proofreading, Editing and Improving

Make sure to check your introduction, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion to assure a flawless final paper. Pay enough time to guarantee an excellent essay structure. You can use an essay outline to plan your writing.

Research Your Topic

You must conduct profound research when writing an opinion essay. Check every argument, central point, and supporting evidence carefully. Conduct research based on your reasons and a plan for a research paper.

Acknowledge Popular Arguments

Write your essay, focusing on the central arguments. Every paragraph with a topic sentence must contain a separate case to analyze. Check every paragraph with a topic to reveal both your personal and opposing viewpoints.

Use a Transition Statement

Use proper transition statements to come up with a single written piece. Check available tips and guides online if needed.

Watch Your Tone

Use words like uniforms, thus always watch your tone.

Writing an Opinion Essay: Do’s and Don’ts

When you write a persuasive essay where sharing your point of view, be ready to check the essay’s requirements first. There are well-known don’ts and do’s you must be aware of within an essay writing process.

Basic Do’s in Writing an Opinion Essay

The writers should pay enough time to come up with personal opinions; thus, gathering information is crucial. Accordingly, you must collect evidence that supports your main point of view.

Basic Don’ts in Writing an Opinion Essay

Once checking an online example, you can see that the main reason for an opinion essay is to summarize a particular piece. Thus, while you can agree or disagree with the author, you still need to show and prove your opinion proven with facts and evidence. Never leave your ideas without evidence that feel strongly.

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