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How to Write a Good Interview Report

A good interview paper is a result of comprehensive and hard work. You need to spend a lot of time on the preparation stage, communicate with a person, work with content, and write an interview. If you’re not keen on such a job then it’s time to fix your mistake. Make sure you can write an interview thanks to these guidelines.

What Is an Interview paper: Definition and Process

An interview essay is a paper that includes a summary of the interview that was previously held. You will communicate with a person, get information, optimize it and present it to the big audience as an interview report. It sounds like a simple instruction but to write an interview is a quite complicated job. Also, the author must understand that the interview paper is not the same as other texts.

The task to write an interview paper differs from the process of conducting an interview or writing a simple thesis statement and requires new skills. That’s why most students suffer from silly mistakes and have no ideas about how to avoid them without interview conducting tip. The best you can do before starting an interview essay and thesis statement for it is to prepare yourself. Depending on your task interview, you may require to make numerous tasks, for instance, writing interview notes, making a thesis statement plan, prepare an interview essay outline, etc.

Here is an approximate plan for your writing process. Follow these tips and keep on making your thesis statement for an interview essay the best.


Preparing for an interview essay starts with planning the meeting with a person. If you still have no one to interview then decide this issue at the beginning of your preparation stage. Usually, students select a person according to the topic of the interview paper and prefer to communicate with experts. For instance, the interview essay on global warming requires communication with an ecology expert. And the interview paper in electricity requires the help of an engineer.

You will also require an additional interview conducting tip. For example, a good tone of voice. If your interview conducting task will include a pleasant atmosphere you have more chances to get fair answers for own questions. You can find more information about interview conducting tip in task assignments or guidelines.

Then make sure to choose a convenient and relevant place for a meeting. Also, prepare your voice recorder if your meeting with the interviewee means using such tools. Then you can decide the nest issues in about your task to write an interview paper.

Decide on the format

The next step is to select the best interview essay format. Sometimes students are proposed with the exact format to use and sometimes they aren’t. In case, you are allowed to make the choice on your own, you need to select one of the following options: The Q&A interview paper format or narrative interview paper format. Let’s understand which is the most relevant for your task assignment.

Question and answer format

This format makes you start the interview essay with the introduction that describes your interviewee. As a result, you have to prepare a small paragraph about the person’s background, the place, and the subject of your dialog. Your thesis statement will be next. Make sure, to use relevant and fair information in your interview paper. 

You will use initials to write interview questions and answers of the interviewee. Firstly, write down the initials of the person who asks the question and then add initials of the person who gives the answers. The question and answer format of the interview paper doesn’t mean to use quotation marks, so don’t worry about this element. But a small conclusion, in the end, will suit of interview essay perfectly.

Narrative format

The narrative format of the interview paper is also very popular and mostly used in controversial cases. For instance, if your person didn’t speak a lot or you have only small quotes for your interview essay. With this format, you will write a thesis statement for an interview paper on your notes and make the successful text even without enough information.

The introduction part of such an essay interview will consist of a brief overview of the interviewee. You need to explain who is the person you are going to talk to, where do you meet, and what you are going to discuss. Then feel free to divide your text into paragraphs with a thesis statement and write own story using quotations of your interviewee. You can comment and use quotations for improving the thesis statement according to your will. Don’t forget to prepare a small conclusion for your interview report.

Interview Essay Outline: Mapping and Formatting

Your interview report must consist of several paragraphs according to the format you have previously selected and a number of thesis statements. You must write an interview without mistakes and misprints, keep the logic sentences, and use other relevant requirements from your task assignment. The example of an interview essay outline may look this way:

  • introduction with a catchy phrase (for instance, a joke, rhetorical question, and so on);
  • the first question you want to explain and its answer to your interview;
  • the second question with the answer of idea description;
  • the third important idea with your explanation;
  • your short conclusion with a summary of your interview paper.

Every paragraph should include its thesis statement. Such an interview essay outline is standard but it is the greatest way to prepare your text. Make sure, it doesn’t contain and misprint before finishing your job.

How to start an interview essay: state your question

Your interview paper requires preparing questions no matter the selected format. Always create a set of thesis statements beforehand and right after making a small research about your interviewee. It is almost impossible to find good questions to ask during your meeting with an expert.

Try to use open-ended questions. This type of question allows getting detailed information but not just a simple ‘yes/no’ answer. Also, use questions to know more about your interviewee. Even if your information will be useless for your interview essay, such questions will make an expert feeling like at home and sharing more personal information with you.

The body of interview paper: your solid grounds

The body of your interview paper is the most precious part. You will share useful information and own ideas about your interviewee and subject you have previously discussed. Make sure to write the main part of your interview essay according to the relevant format you have previously selected. Also, remember that question and answer format look very expert but narrative format helps to hide the lack of information.

When you are writing a body, section remember about the relevant order of your thesis statements. Your text must be created in a simple and logical manner. Such a structure helps it to be readable and exciting for the target audience.

How to end an interview essay perfectly

The conclusion is the last part of your interview essay. It must be short because doesn’t bring any new information to your readers. But it means a lot to summarize the job you have done. Be sure, to finish your interview report with positive phrases.

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