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Academic Presentation Ideas to Inspire Your Audience

In modern educational establishments, students prepare not only traditional academic papers like essays, researches, reviews and so on. In the last decade, a PowerPoint presentation format became more and more popular. It’s not surprising because this is a great opportunity to present your project to the class.

There are a lot of advantages for presentations. Here are the most important benefits:

  • the author can encourage the audience to be more attractive;
  • the audience listens to the presentation more carefully and remembers more information;
  • the author gets more opportunities to impress a professor with his skills;
  • there is a great variety of presentation tools to improve the quality of the presentation.

As a result, a creative presentation may be a quite difficult but successful task for students. Of course, you will get a high mark for your job only if you keep it really good and professional. To reach this goal you must be keen on special software, to know special tips in presentation formatting, and prepare great presentation topic ideas.

Key Points of a Good Academic Presentation

The presentation aims to deliver relevant information to the target audience in a creative and exciting way. Everyone can read Shakespeare’s biography on the Web that’s why the author must make his content worthy of attention. If your presentation can grab the audience’s attention and provide people with good information then you are close to success.

To make a perfect presentation you need to start with the basics. Here is a common structure of your visual paper: introduction, body, and conclusion,


Your presentation will start with a greeting and a personal introduction. Then try to catch the audience’s attention with a catchy sentence. Use a phrase like ‘I doubt you didn’t know that…’ or ‘Before I start I want to confess…’.

Also, you need to provide your target audience with the main points you are going to present with your speech. Try to make a classic outline with several ideas from your presentation.


The main part of your presentation is called to give the audience comprehensive answers for points you have presented in the introduction. You will divide your presentation into several parts (usually, the same number of sections as the number of points in the outline). Also, you must add between them connective elements to increase the readability.

Other important particularities of your presentation are examples. Thanks to good samples you will be able to make your speech exciting and authorial. Besides, try to use emotions while engaging the target audience.


Before making a summary, you should give your audience several signs you are going to finish your speech soon. It will help them to prepare for further discussion and get more useful experience with your presentation.

In the last section of your educational or business presentation, you need to restate the main points of your research. Simply share information and don’t forget to thank your audience for the attention. At the end of your speech let your listeners start a discussion and ask them do they have any questions.

Creative Presentation Tools that Are Worth Trying

You can’t start your job without having at least several presentation ideas to improve your speech. Remember that your audience expects from you funny, interesting, useful, and honest content. That’s why your creative presentation ideas will be an index of speech success. You can use different tools to improve your presentation, and here are the best presentation ideas.

How to use your creativity:

  • use visual elements in PowerPoint;
  • create videos and pictures in a unique style;
  • prepare modern infographics with statistics and facts;
  • use different fonts and colors.

Usually, students want to find at least one presentation template to have a golden standard for their content. With the combination of such presentation ideas, you may create a very unique and original speech for your audience. Use the following list with presentation topics ideas and create the best paper you can.

Express your mood and emotions

There are a lot of academic papers that don’t allow a writer sharing emotions. But the presentation can’t be boring. That’s why it is highly recommended to express your emotions in your speech. It improves the presentation and builds the connection between you and your audience.

Use an art of improvisation

Not every person can receive the Oscar for improvisation. But this skill is very powerful because it encourages listeners and impresses them with the speaker’s charisma. If you can’t improvise at all, you need to prepare a script for your behavior that will look like an improvisation. Your goal is to show your audience friendly and easy communication.

Don’t stay still

Your shyness will play a bad joke with you. That’s why teach yourself to move on the scene and gesture. These simple tricks will show that you are an alive human and have a lot of common with the audience. Such things will make you closer.

Concern on your story but not a script

One of the popular mistakes among young speakers is to read their text. Remember that you do not present a research report but build a discussion with the audience. That’s why you must tell a story and follow your script in general but down pat.

Interesting Presentation Topics for You to Consider

Even experienced writers require presentation ideas to make a viral and exciting project. If you select a boring subject then it would be almost impossible to prepare a great text for speech. So make the right choice at the beginning and use a fantastic presentation topic.

  1. TOP 5 best artists of all times
  2. How to use successful time management strategy in personal life
  3. The most important scientific inventions of the XX century
  4. 9 useful things to do at work
  5. Healthy food myths everyone still believes
  6. Pros and cons of using social media networks
  7. 5 arguments of why people can live on Mars
  8. Why men and women have different communication skills?
  9. 15 weird diseases which are still untreatable
  10. Can people live forever in the nearest future?
  11. Why men forgive easier than women?
  12. Can people live without sugar?
  13. 5 reasons why you can sleep 6 hours and stay healthy
  14. The secret of friendship between girls
  15. 5 reasons why meal can’t be a reward for children
  16. How to choose the best presentation topics
  17. How to love yourself
  18. Why eating a lot of chocolate means an addiction
  19. Why blood donation can save thousands of lives?
  20. TOP 5 successful tools to prevent a terrorist attack

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Professional Tips to Make an Awesome Presentation

If you are keen on presentation topics selection you should keep improving your skills in writing awesome papers. The following tips will bring you additional benefits and increase the quality of your speech. Here are the most useful tricks:

  • make a presentation as short as possible depending on task assignment (20 minutes on average);
  • use a simple structure and vocabulary to keep the speech suitable for a wide audience;
  • work on the style of every slide and keep the one format for every page;
  • explain but do not read slides you are displaying to your audience;
  • ask your audience questions and try to involve them in your speech.

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