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What is a Research Paper Introduction

Every paper should start with an explanation of why it was written. That is the main and the most important reason for creating an introduction. Unfortunately, this often means that an introduction is the most difficult part of your paper. To make sure that you cover the subject properly, you need to understand how to write an introduction without any difficulties. We offer you help writing research proposal and introduction, and familiarizing you with all of its peculiarities!

In the first section of your paper, you will need to introduce the reader to your rationale (it is an issue and idea, which your paper will be based around). This will help readers understand what they will read about and whether they are interested in the topic.

It is crucial to make your introduction as catchy and interesting, as possible. You need to make sure that people decide to go on reading and learn more on the topic. In addition, you need to state the hypothesis and explain what results you are willing to achieve. Including an introduction is a must, so if you don’t know how to deal with it, contact us, and we will provide you with a qualified help writing a research paper MLA.

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Let’s start now

How to Write a Research Paper Introduction. Our Short Guide 2019

Once you have completed a research paper, you will have a better understanding of what things to include in your research introduction. Tips below will help you to grab the attention of the readers and motivate them to learn more on the topic.

  • State the topic of your research

Start with a few sentences on the general topic and then add details on the issues you are going to discuss. Such an approach is called ‘inverted triangle’ when you start with a broad topic and then narrow it.

  • Stay original

To attract readers, you can start your introduction with a hook: it can be a quote, a story from your own life or a joke (if the topic allows). You can also use an interesting or shocking fact.

  • Explain key features and terms

You need to make your message understandable and clear by introducing and explaining concepts to the audience.

  • Stick to the format

It is important to find your own perfect length of the introduction. It should be quite short to make this section clear and readable but still long enough to cover the main concepts of the future paper.

  • Insert keywords

In order to make your paper visible in different search engines, you need to insert relevant keywords and phrases, which define the topic. Download introduction sample for research paper and make a list of keywords that are used.

  • Remain logical

To make your text smooth and coherent, use links and transition words.

Developing Great Research Paper Introduction. Students Suggestions

If you are on a crossroad and still don’t know whether you can cope with the assignment, let us introduce you to four main things to remember, when working on the research paper’s introduction.

  1. Always think about the size of your introduction. Surveys show that readers consider the size of the paper before deciding whether to read it from A to Z or not. A very long introduction is not appealing at all and will surely prevent the audience (including your tutor) from reading the whole piece in the majority of cases. When working on an introduction, you need to define the issue, explain its urgency, and highlight the main goal of your study. Finish this section with a catchy thesis statement and proceed with writing the main paragraphs;
  2. When working on your introduction always remain logical. The biggest challenge of introduction is that in a few sentences (or paragraphs) you need to stress the importance and main ideas of your research. That is why it is crucial to make sure that all of the ideas are logically connected. Help the audience understand what you wanted to achieve during your research and why the topic is worth their attention;
  3. If you have enough patience, leave introduction until body paragraphs and conclusion are ready. Start with the main paragraphs and come up with the key arguments you are willing to discuss. Then you will only need to summarize them in your introduction. Such an approach is very useful because it helps to see the direction clearly. This advice will help you to save lots of time and nerves, and you will never have to face writer’s block;
  4. Don’t hesitate to use examples of previous works on the chosen topic to find the best balance between new ideas and historical background. You can also detect common mistakes or imperfections to avoid them in your own work!

Personal Skills You Need to Write a Research Paper Introduction

When students are asked to write a research paper, they usually panic. It is not surprising, considering that such a task requires a deep analysis of the field and a great understanding of the topic. You should review a variety of sources, published only by reputable scientists.

However, such an assignment doesn’t only concentrate on your research skills but also on how well you can cover the subject and to find new elements. In addition, you need to list your own results and review the methodology you have used.

The main skills, which you will need to use in the process, include:

  • Writing;
  • Researching;
  • Analyzing;
  • Communication;
  • Evaluating methodology;
  • Understanding academic concepts;
  • Language proficiency;
  • Formatting.

For example, you are studying Greek literature or Modern Europe during your course. Instead of discussing the whole subject (novels or history), your research introduction must tell the audience that you will discuss Odyssey by Homer or illegal migration issues in Germany.

Things to remember

If you want to create an outstanding introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion, you need to be ready to explore a variety of fields. First, conduct deep and comprehensive research on a broad topic. Then collect secondary sources, like polls, statistics, interviews, and so on. In such a way, it will be much simpler to come up with a proper hypothesis.

As you see, it is quite difficult and time-consuming to create a research paper or its separate parts. Luckily, we are living in the era of technologies, so it is quite easy to order an assignment from a writing company. Our team of experts will save lots of your time, will follow the rules of a required formatting style and will help to complete the task before the deadline.

Every day more and more students decide to turn to professional writers with their urgent or complex assignments instead of spending days and nights looking for a proper hypothesis and arguments.

Are you willing to know how to create a powerful introduction for your research paper without sacrificing your interests and personal life? The answer is simple: contact a professional writer or at least get familiar with the example of a research paper introduction. Write down all the remarkable things on the topic, analyze ideas of the sample, and then create your own work. What can be simpler?

Finally. Grammar and style reminders   

Apart from organizing the content, you need to pay careful attention to the style and grammar, because they directly influence the readability of your paper and the final grade. Here are the tips which you should use:

  • Stick to active voice any time it is possible. In such a way your sentences will be shorter and will have a positive impact on paper’s readability;
  • Remain clear and brief, when writing an introduction for research paper;
  • Use strong verbs, because they greatly influence the quality of your paper;
  • When introducing arguments, move them from broad to specific ones.

A powerful introduction will motivate readers to learn more about what you have to say. Moreover, your chances of being published will be much higher!

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