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Does the Desired Result Homework

It is a known fact that homework has a positive impact on students of high schools and colleges. At least that’s what empirical studies claim. For example, Harris Cooper from Duke University carried out an analysis of American schools from 1987 to 2003. He concluded that homework had a positive impact on grades and scores, improved attitude and attention, especially among older students.

However, if you dig deeper, it will become obvious that a whole set of factors should be taken into account: the quantity of homework, students’ attitude, and much more. Is it surprising that more and more scholars need to get help with homework?

In 2009 a team from Tübingen University found that it is necessary to take into account differences within and between classes to determine whether home assignments have any effect. For example, students within the same class may have a completely different level of efficiency, when coping with the same task. Some of them can do more assignments at a given period of time, while others are better with activities in class. So how it is possible to evaluate general academic performance and the role of homework?

During the last century, the quantity of time spent at school has rapidly increased. That is why more parents ask themselves ‘should i help my kids with college homework’?

Gender is another factor. It is proven by a study, conducted in the 1980s by Gary Natriello, which showed that female students devote more time to their home tasks compared to male scholars. Another study, which supports this point of view, found that girls aged 13-14 could manage their homework and emotions about schoolwork better than boys.

So what is the reason why girls less often turn to homework writing helper? The answer was proposed in the University of Nevada, where Eunsook Hong in 2011 claimed that teachers usually rate the attitudes and habits of girls more favorably. All these findings make it clear that evaluating whether homework has a positive impact is very difficult and can’t be objective.

Homework Should Be Prohibited: Negative Side

Although more and more people think that homework prohibiting is a good sign, they can still name a variety of benefits home tasks may have. They include:

  • Many scholars, both from high schools and colleges, will simply play video games and watch TV if there is no homework to complete. Absence of tasks will greatly alter the social life and activity of students;
  • Homework makes students pay attention to their notes from the class. They need to read textbooks and repeat material, which is a great way to stimulate knowledge and learning process;
  • People who think that homework shouldn’t be banned emphasize that without homework, students won’t do anything for their classes. Without compulsory assignments only several students will prepare for the class, while the rest will enjoy their free time without getting new skills and knowledge;
  • Thanks to homework, scholars learn how to use their time and to become more organized and disciplined. In addition, they learn how to be competitive;
  • Homework was invented centuries ago and since then proved that it is a major element of the educational process.

These are only some of the reasons why homework should not be prohibited. We agree that each side has good arguments, so we won’t force anyone to accept a different point of view.

These are only some of the reasons why homework should not be prohibited. We agree that each side has good arguments, so we won’t force anyone to accept a different point of view.

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Homework Should Be Prohibited: Positive Side. 5 Reasons

Should homework be banned? This question is very popular and occupies minds of students and teachers across the world. There are no clear facts, which support a concept that homework can improve grades or help students understand subjects better. It is just a way for teachers to evaluate their students. Isn’t there a better way to assess scholars instead of wasting hours on pointless assignments?

We offer you five main reasons why homework should be banned.

Incorrect approach may only develop bad habits

Unfortunately, many students complete their assignments incorrectly and don’t often have someone to help them change their approach. This means that they solve the tasks in the wrong way, using outdated tools or irrelevant instruments. It is a well-known fact that it’s much simpler to learn something anew than to change bad habits.

Children and teenagers should have time to play on fresh air

Scholars spend the whole day at schools, and the only activity they get is from physical education classes. When they get home from school, they need to sit behind the desk and complete homework. By the time those tasks are finished, it is already time to go to bed.

Children simply don’t have time for sports or other activities outside, which results in obesity, problems with sleep, and overall health issues.

Teachers have to do more work

It would be more effective to spend time on creating lesson plans than on evaluating homework. Teachers have too many responsibilities, and grading homework only complicates everything. Tutors have to spend a whole day at schools and then return home to grade assignments. This becomes a big issue, considering that the majority of teachers are underpaid and don’t have time for their own lives.

It’s difficult for parents

Parents will agree that help with homework is a real nightmare, especially if it involves complex and difficult assignments. It has been a while since they learned the subject and it is quite normal that they don’t remember everything.

Homework causes stress

Completing homework can become a really stressful experience. It is obvious that having so much stress isn’t a good thing, especially for children. Students simply don’t get enough rest, which results in a variety of health problems.

In addition, parents also experience stress, when they need to fit all the concerts, plays, and events to their busy schedules. There are just not so many hours in a single day to study at school during day time and to complete assignments at night!

As you see, there are many issues, which make homework a burden, and nowadays, teachers and educators need to come up with more effective and modern ways of evaluating students’ skills and knowledge.

Our Conclusion About Banned Homework

It is impossible to say whether homework is necessary or not because there are many reasons why homework should be banned and equally many counterarguments. That is why the decision should be made inside every district or educational establishment.

However, it is crucial to take into account a wide range of factors, including the discussed above. It doesn’t matter what your position on the given topic is: we will all agree that more solid research should be held. For now, it is more a matter of personal opinion and not a scientifically proven fact.

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