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How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper. Easy Way

Every day students from all corners of the world contact us, saying ‘someone help me i hate this research paper.’ It is not surprising, because research papers are really difficult and require students to show what they have learned during quite a broad period, usually throughout a course.

It summarizes the following skills:

  • Writing;
  • Researching;
  • Communicating;
  • Analyzing;
  • Understanding the subject.

Most research papers are longer than a regular essay. This means that the final section should contain more information, usually more than one page or 275 words. In order to succeed, you should know which formatting style is required not to miss any details.

While the introductory paragraph is considered the important one, writing a solid and informative conclusion is also a must. It may greatly influence your final grade and will contribute to leaving a positive aftertaste.

If you want the final section of your research to be catchy and remarkable, continue reading and find out the most popular and useful tips! In case you have no time or motivation, just contact us and write ‘help me to do my research paper paper conclusion.’ We will do the rest while you will enjoy yourself!

How to Start Conclusion and Write on A +

When the final paragraph is approaching, it becomes more difficult and scary to formulate an exact idea you are willing to render. So what to write in the conclusion of a research paper? It depends on your topic, the goals you are trying to achieve, and the general tone of the paper.

However, if you expect to get a high grade, you must avoid using clichés, like ‘in conclusion’ or ‘to conclude.’ Such phrases are outdated and boring, so including them may cost you losing the attention of the audience and spoiling the whole impression.

To write an outstanding research paper conclusion, you need to return to your thesis, analyze your main paragraphs, and only then answer all the questions you have been asked during your work. Make sure you paraphrase your answers and not simply use the same words, as in your introductory paragraph.

Plan Your Work. Start with the Thesis

Every section of the assignment has its own rules and regulations, so you need to know and respect them if you want to get a high grade. Conclusion, as the final part of your paper, should consist of stating problems and providing the best solutions.

You need to include a description of the results you expect to achieve when implementing concrete steps on practice.  Your conclusion should contain the following elements:

  • Topic relevance. It is impossible to grab the attention of the audience and to explain your thoughts without stating how important and relevant the discussed issue is. Try to reach your audience by telling how the topic affects them and can alter their lives if nothing is changed;
  • Conclusions of every section of the paper. Depending on the number of body paragraphs, you need to write several sentences on the main ideas of your work. Conclude every argument and provide brief information on the ideas you have come up with;
  • General research conclusion. Once all the conclusions are made, you need to state your main idea. Usually, it is an answer to the main question on the problem or issue. If there is no such a question, you can simply paraphrase your thesis, using different works;
  • Ways of solving the discussed problem. You should not only discuss the topic but also offer how to solve it. You need to give practical tools for changing the problem and contributing to the target audience, science, or community.

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Research Paper Conclusion. 5 Tips of Our Writing Service.

Very often, students can’t complete the assignment on their own and need help. Some of them turn to tutors and teachers; others ask their classmates for help. There are also scholars who hire professional writers and forget about the assignment before it is completed.

However, even if you hire an expert, you should master the most powerful tips. It will help you understand how to write a conclusion research paper, and you will always be able to control the progress or write the final section on your own.

The best tips include:

  • Always restate your thesis and research topic. Introducing all the benefits of discussed issues is a must if you want to win the attention and minds of the audience. All the details have already been provided in the body paragraphs. There is no need to dive deep into details: just restate the main issues in a single sentence;
  • Highlight the main ideas of the research. When you introduce key questions to the audience and conduct research, it is important to tell the reader about the main results and findings of the work. If you find this stage difficult, you can check the paper again and create an overview of all the concepts you have dealt with;
  • Get back to your thesis statement and repeat it. Make sure that the key idea of your research is accurately restated in every section of your work (including conclusion). However, you should always use different words and phrases;
  • Don’t forget to discuss future improvements and solutions on the subject. In most cases, research papers are important for a certain industry, and raised questions can help a community or society to solve the issue in the future. A powerful conclusion always emphasizes such ideas and predictions;
  • Always remain creative. You may feel tempted to use common phrases and structures, especially because there may be hundreds of similar works on your topic. However, try to stick to your own style and grab the attention of the audience with new details and fresh ideas. Think about words and phrases, which can make your conclusion fresh and appealing. Stay original, and readers will surely appreciate it!

If you are still puzzled and not sure how to create a strong conclusion for research, we recommend making a list of key points and ideas of your work. This will make it much easier to concentrate on the main idea and distinguish what should be discussed in the final section of your work.

Avoid Simple Mistakes

If you want to know how to write a research paper conclusion, it is important to get familiar with examples of the most common mistakes. They include:

  • Avoid starting your conclusion with common phrases like ‘in summary’ or ‘in conclusion.’ They sound unnatural and are not necessary if you don’t want to be Captain Obvious;
  • Make sure you rephrase your thesis statement and use it once again in the final section to highlight important arguments and make sure the reader understands what you were trying to say;
  • The conclusion is created only for summarizing everything you have stated before. This means that you shouldn’t introduce new details and facts;
  • Stick to the initial tone of your work. At the beginning of the writing process, you have chosen a certain tone for your task. You need to stick to it in your conclusion to remain professional and objective.  However, if you want to add something narrative, you can tell a story, which reflects the main idea of your research;
  • Never apologize. You shouldn’t express worries about your authority and the results of your work. Don’t use such phrases, as ‘I am not sure’ or ‘it’s only my own opinion.’ Try to avoid the first person, because it is informal and is not the best option for an academic paper.

Writing a research paper and its conclusion has never been simple. It requires attention, devotion, and lots of skills. However, with the help of our guidelines and assistance of the most professional writers, you will surely succeed!

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