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Who Invented Homework and Why They Did It? – Facts You Should Know

Homework makes up a big part of the educational process and helps in learning new skills. Since school years, we have been completing tasks of all kinds, but not many of us know who invented them and why.

What is the name of homework inventor? When was it invented and why? If you are also willing to learn the answer, go on reading!

The History & Origin of Homework. Why Was Homework Invented?

Nowadays, many students can get online accounting help with homework or many other subjects. They simply need to make a few clicks, and someone else will do the work for them. However, it wasn’t like that even fifteen years ago.

First mentions of the term ‘homework’ refer back to Ancient Rome. In the first century AD, an oratory teacher Pliny the Younger asked his students to take part in home activities. Such practice aimed to improve speaking skills in a casual atmosphere. Results of such exercises were outstanding, and others implemented the approach.

However, the official creator of homework is Roberto Nevilis. So if you pay to do your homework and don’t need to worry about results, it is Roberto whom you should thank!

He invented at-home assignments as a form of punishment in 1905 and since then was applied as one of the most popular educational practices.

Creation of homework had a huge impact on the quality of gained knowledge, so more and more teachers made it compulsory for students of all academic levels. Homework teaches students to work independently and became a must in all institutions. However, home tasks must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be feasible;
  • The must be simple and not too large;
  • They should be given when students are ready to work on their own.

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Who Invented Homework?

Starting with ancient times and ending with the modern world, most of the students don’t like homework. However, they shouldn’t blame a certain person. Yes, Pliny the Younger encouraged students to improve their speaking skills at home, but other teachers also advised such exercises and popularized homework with time.

So the question who invented homework and why is still disturbing minds of people across the world. Some sorts of home tasks are linked to first schools. Unfortunately, there were no online exams or multiple choice quizzes back then, and all students could do is to memorize texts by heart.

Who Created Homework? All The Theories

If you ask Google, you will get familiar with multiple theories, and the name of Roberto Nevilis will surely pop up. So why did Roberto Nevilis create homework?

History says that he did it in order to punish lazy students. His main motivation was to spoil the evenings of the class by giving tasks to complete, so in 1905, homework appeared in Italy.

However, there isn’t much information about Nevilis, and there is a chance that such a person has never existed. Moreover, it is quite difficult to imagine that no one has created an effective system of homework before 1905.

Actually, it is thought that homework is an integral part of education and has existed since the creation of learning. This means that not only students of the 19th century but also Romans, Middle Age monks, and Enlightenment philosophers read, sang and memorized pieces well before the process was given a definition ‘homework’.

There are multiple facts about homework, but we may never find out which of them are true and which are made up.

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Roberto Nevilis: The Man Who Invented Homework

Most of the scientists and researchers believe that Nevilis was the one to introduce us to homework and it happened back in 1905 in Venice. He remains the most popular practitioner of home assignments, and homework creation matched the appearance of formal schooling.

In 1905 homework was invented for what reason? Quite simple: Nevilis wanted to punish students. Whether it is a good or a bad motive, thanks to Roberto, we have plenty of headaches in the evenings!

When Was Homework Invented? Was Homework a Punishment?

We all love history. We love reading about ancient times, the appearance of new trends or biographies of our favorite figures. That is why it is not surprising that students wonder when homework appeared. Thanks to Roberto Nevilis and his theories, education has greatly improved since the implementation of homework.

Traditional educators believe that homework is an essential component of effective education, and it is a great way to improve independence, initiative, creativity, and individuality of a student.

However, apart from learning how invented homework, it is important to understand factors, which made it so important:

  1. Because of so many subjects, students simply forget the material. It assimilates in their minds, but homework helps to remember forgotten data;
  2. Mastery of complex topics requires their assimilation and comprehension;
  3. It is impossible to boost all students’ abilities and talents in the class.

That is why the success of teaching greatly depends on the success of preparation at home. At the same time, an organization of tasks at home is the most challenging part of an educational process because students don’t have access to the tutor’s advice and support.

The Purposes of Homework

Importance of homework was always a debatable issue not only among students but also among teachers and researches. Many people think that homework is not necessary. However, the latest research shows that it is an integral part of the learning process and helps to improve knowledge.

So why was homework created?

  • to work without a hurry;
  • to work without being estimated;
  • to choose your own rhythm;
  • to plan work independently.

With the help of homework, students fix classroom material in their memory and repeat previously gained knowledge as many times as possible. In addition, they consolidate multiple skills in order to achieve the necessary results.

What Are The Main Goals Of Homework?

Now, when you know when was education invented and whom we should praise, it is the right time to enumerate the main benefits of homework:

  • You can learn at your own speed and rhythm without any hurry;
  • You can make as many mistakes and drafts as needed, and no one will grade you for failed attempts;
  • You get a chance to plan breaks;
  • You can always find the necessary material online.

Homework helps you to consolidate what you already know and greatly contributes to revisions. In addition, it gives you a chance to practice and to use all the possible tools and instruments, which are not available in class. Moreover, you develop your creativity, will, and discipline.

Types of Homework

Even if you doubt whether homework is necessary, you should still get familiar with its types:

  • Essays;
  • Case studies;
  • Reviews of books and articles;
  • Term papers;
  • Research papers;
  • Dissertations, and much more.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep up with all of them even if you devote all of your time to homework. That is why many students try to find a way how to simplify years at school or college. Some of them download ready samples; others pay teachers or classmates for help. However, the majority of students prefers getting professional help.

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