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Some Words About Persuasive Speech

High school and college students face many written assignments every day, each of which has its own requirements and rules. Some find a compare and contrast essay difficult, while others can’t imagine how to complete a research paper. However, all of them agree that persuasive speech is one of the biggest academic challenges.

Its main goal is to educate, inform, motivate, or convince the audience. You need to use multiple tools in order to make the reader accept your point of view. That is why choosing an outstanding topic is a must.

The most successful topics for a persuasive speech are daring, clear, and thought-provoking. If you doubt whether you can do this on your own, you can always turn to us and get persuasive essay writing help.

Persuasive Speech. Great Ideas for Writing

The main aim of such an assignment is to convince the audience to complete a certain action. For example, this sort of speech is used when you want an audience to vote for your candidate, to follow the country’s rules or simply to change opinion on a certain issue. It is not the same as writing a profile essay, and you need to show all of your writing and persuasive skills.

Don’t worry, at first it may be quite challenging to understand how your speech should look like but with proper devotion and enthusiasm, you will surely write a perfect material! Luckily, such an assignment doesn’t have a certain structure, because everything depends on the topic, audience, place, and timing. That is why it is very important to ask your tutor for guidelines, especially when it comes to scientific persuasive speech topics or other complex subjects.

The most typical mistakes you may face along the way include:

  • Boring subject to discuss;
  • Absence of credible information and details;
  • Slang and unprofessional vocabulary;
  • Too much gesticulation and untidy appearance.

If you want to succeed, here are the tips that will greatly help:

  • Set a clear goal;
  • Understand your audience;
  • Support your ideas with visual materials;
  • Provide a powerful introduction and conclusion;
  • Relax and have fun!

Remember, if you feel tired or have other tasks to complete, our assignment help is always there to cover your back!

77 Catchy Persuasive Essay Themes to Cover

We have collected the best 77 persuasive speech topics to simplify your life! Just choose the one you like and start writing.

Ideas for Elementary Students

  1. Could monkeys be great pets?
  2. What is better: being alone or having siblings?
  3. How would you react if you wake up next to a dinosaur?
  4. The best superpower is being able to fly;
  5. Summer is the best season;
  6. Should a person, who discovered invisibility secret, share it with the rest?
  7. What is the most boring occupation in the world?
  8. Parents should allow children to choose furniture for their room;
  9. How can making friends with everyone contribute to success in the future?
  10. Owning the latest iPhone only shows how much your parents earn;
  11. What is the best way to spend a holiday?
  12. Who is the best superhero, and why?
  13. Parents as our first role-models.
  14. High School Children Get Your A+

  15. The death penalty can scare off criminals;
  16. Every individual has a right to change name not depending on the obstacles;
  17. Moral obligations of bosses and presidents;
  18. Rich people should pay bigger taxes to contribute to financial balance;
  19. How to prevent mass shootings at high schools?
  20. Is fashion important?
  21. What older generations can learn from youth?
  22. Censorship as an important part of the digital world;
  23. Security of the country is way more important than its privacy;
  24. Voting age must be lowered to get more accurate results;
  25. Should sexual education become a compulsory course?
  26. How to deal with bullying?
  27. GMO food is not safe.
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  29. Learning about the nature of computer and video games is beneficial for IT scholars;
  30. Existing methods of discipline at high school are no longer effective;
  31. Standardized evaluation is not an accurate way to measure student’s progress and development;
  32. Children, living in difficult conditions but having a high GPA should get a free education at universities;
  33. Is placing children with mental or physical disabilities in separate classes ethical?
  34. What measures should be adopted to fight bullying?
  35. Do video games encourage youth to use weapons at schools and colleges?
  36. Should performance in PE classes influence their great point average?
  37. Should teachers wear a uniform like professionals from other public services do?
  38. Students with low grades shouldn’t retake the course;
  39. Why is learning languages so important?
  40. After-class activities as a part of the curriculum;
  41. Why is it so important to get higher education?
  42. About Music & Artists

    College persuasive speech topics on music and arts include:

  43. Pirating is one of the biggest threats to the modern economy;
  44. The UK is not dominating the world of music since the breakup of ‘The Beatles’ in the 90s;
  45. Post-punk and grunge music have more similarities than differences;
  46. Music should become a part of a rehab treatment of prisoners;
  47. The price of apps, games, and music at the App Store is too high;
  48. Why people react differently on the same music track?
  49. Chinese music is still in its original form and hasn’t changed much since the 60 bells foundation;
  50. Music of the Vietnam War epoch and its influence on modern culture;
  51. Music as a part of therapy for treating mental diseases;
  52. The positive influence of technology on music: how to create music without a band;
  53. Modern music stars and their influence on teenagers;
  54. How Instagram contributes to the popularity of performers.
  55. Ideas for Debate. “Hot” Debates

  56. Oil companies must pay more attention to oil spills;
  57. Influence of nature on human behavior;
  58. Importance of sex education classes;
  59. The exploitation of minorities by the modern legal system;
  60. Disadvantages of the gun control law;
  61. Internet is a much bigger threat than television;
  62. Do celebrities have a right to privacy?
  63. Should the drinking and voting age be lowered to 18 in the US?
  64. s it possible to have open borders?
  65. Did intervention of the US predetermined results of World War II?
  66. Euthanasia should be legal and applied in situations, where there are no other options;
  67. Patients have a right to die on their own terms;
  68. Animal testing is important for humanity, so it shouldn’t be banned.
  69. Mixed Ideas for use in School/College

    Persuasive essay topics for colleges students include:

  70. Religious people and atheists should learn how to tolerate each other;
  71. Discussing Iraq and Afghanistan problems stirs up aggression and irritation;
  72. Why was the ‘sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll’ period so important?
  73. Whose side are you on meat eaters or vegetarians?
  74. Should murderers be sentenced to death?
  75. Free sweets motivate students to study because they stimulate brain activity;
  76. There is nothing special about The Black Square by Malevich;
  77. Discussing cheating is embarrassing. However, talking about sex is normal;
  78. Art of masses has nothing to do with pieces, created by the elite;
  79. Women of the 80s looked better because they were curvier and more natural;
  80. Alternative sources of energy as the salvation of the planet;
  81. Is it ethical to clone living beings?
  82. Who is to blame for the extinction of rare plants and animals?
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